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  1. And now the bike is ready, just a bit of work left to do on the engine….
  2. Finally….. Custom paint with personalised Name? well it was an extra 0.7%…
  3. Going to Perth….
  4. trifun

    Aus Olympic Team

    One might go to "take it for the team" - ie lift Team Oz's ranking and hence number of possible starting spots at the games.....
  5. Just bought the MTB version, first trip will be Townsville....
  6. fixed that tri-gold visitation stat for you
  7. IMHO: Triathletes don't kick because their kicking form is so bad that it actually slows them down (hence they swim faster at the pool when using a pool-bouy to lift their legs).
  8. Email heading your way soon thanks (think I might suck up my misgivings and get a new pair of Cycliq cams)
  9. Apparently the best component swap is Tim-tams for apples...
  10. Their signature event - the Oly Dist Tri - has traditionally been (as it is again) on the Saturday which gives people a chance to get home on the Sunday (ie last time I drove the 10 hours up on Friday morning, settled in, raced rested, drove back Sun (with a “rest break/swim at Agnus Waters on the way back to Hervey Bay. Now that they are running a festival they just add events in-front of that (seems to be what most events that grow into festivals do). Just so happens that X-Tri is probably most people’s reason fro going this year (last time it was because the OD was a qualifier for the G
  11. Townsville entries are open: Clickable link to go to the RegisterNow entry portal :)
  12. trifun

    Worth the hype?

    Pushys are having a massive sale (inc Bolle's from $20!) so I decided to indulge one of my fantasies and got the bib's as well - they are like a second skin, can't feel em after I got going and my toosh felt fine - even set a new PB over my thursday night 40k out n back
  13. trifun

    Worth the hype?

    Assos, and granddaughter the best kind of baby
  14. trifun

    Worth the hype?

    My new bib nicks just came ( got to love that huge moving sale at pushes), now to try them out....
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