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  1. yes, but I store mine in a cheap suit bag with a big mooshy hanger , if folded they can develop an unsightly crease (extra off-season "growth" may help hide this).
  2. trifun

    Work stands.

    3inch steel pipe from roof of office across to workbench wall (with a rag on it to protect the seat) (my "office" is a 3 *3 metre concrete block cell inside of my man-cave 6 * 14m steel shed - one day I may even fit a car in it....)
  3. I don't mind the DI2 cables on my roadie (internal battery) but am going AXS on the new MTB (dually)
  4. Love it with four (now grown and gone(ish)) I have an oversupply of old helmets in the shed..... but I could not bring myself to do that to my old Giro AeroHead....
  5. Thanks folks, trigger pulled and ordered in custom yellow/green purple (got to be able to find your's when it counts, right?) now to see how long the delivery time is...... then to get race fit for x-tri season (and Noosa of course) I can hear Townsville 2022 whispering to me "give it a go...."
  6. A problem with these laws is: (well from my perspective up here in sunny Qld) it looks like it will take at least two decades to change police attitudes and court culture so that they are actually enforced..... In the mean time you get the privilege of being right and dead at the same time.....
  7. Don't you like Noosa? I could only find one result for you (from 37) I think Airlie Beach was a Shaklee QSTS event (1.5/40/10) - organised by Richard Curzon & timing by Renne Frizo, but I did not go up to that one as I got enough points from events south of the tropic of Capricorn......
  8. My accommodation at Noosa rang me the day after the Tri got cancelled (might not have been full public knowledge yet) to apologise about how the online booking engine had double booked a bunch of their rooms and therefore I would not be able to stay there that weekend. And I would need to initiate a cancellation through he booking engine (which they would approve and waive the cancellation fee). "No Worries" I said, I'll work the State Election up here and come down another weekend instead.
  9. trifun


    This (except that after 35 years of it, some days I don't train - it's called life ). I go though mega cycles (like 8 years long) slowly getting fatter until I can't bear it any more so fix a target (eg a World Champs) and get serious about it over say three years, then a plateau, then do another degree. Rinse and repeat.
  10. that is literally just letting the spring do the work
  11. Nothing is going to make me look that good
  12. Interestingly no mention of Noosa in any of those IM responses....
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