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  1. L2B, you obviously are not good at paying attention given the comments you have made about me personally and I would question your reading skills given your accusations in this thread. As for my comments with or without the facts, that is half the intent of my posts on this thread and by nature the very design of this forum - as a place to gain the facts. Feel free to let me know precisely where I made the "wrong call". The fact that Brett and Co might work hard on providing great support to athletes does not mean that my contention is any less valid. I am looking for fact and subs
  2. I was being cynical l2b! get with the program.
  3. no? who would have thought? I can't believe its not butter...
  4. People don't like the lottery situation and most would rather not wait for January. I would say that the trend of a mid-winter half like Yeppoon for the NSW crowd will grow if there were twice the spots up there. Most would still do Port Macq as well anyway. Realistically, no-one is entering thes following races to get an IM spot, the percieved chance is too small regardless of the field that fronts. If these races had twice as many spots they may well be better patronised. LAKE TINAROO HALF IRONMAN 35 SLOTS MENINGIE HALF IRONMAN 35 SLOTS TASMANIAN HALF IRONMAN 25 SLOTS
  5. My understanding is that the people are primarily volunteers and according to the brief stuff I saw from Honolulu some of the people were provided by sponsors (as was additinal cash). I realize that volunteers are not entirely free either and still need to get flown and housed but cannot see the requirement for such a number of staff when most of the services they provide can easily sourced on the ground by those who may require them. 100+ Aussies can race Kona without a single support person and they seem to get by. I have no issue with user pays (I applaud it), in fact I think this
  6. Just to clarify my comments here as they seen to have ruffled feathers. What I did not nor do I insinuate is that in any way funds are being misappropriated by the current team managers. Clearly T.A. has theft, dishonesty and misappropriation of funds on its recent track record and as such I can understand the sensitivities of those currently involved not wanting any association with that record. I speak from a cynical point of view based on my own experience in a World team and that of anecdotal experience of many others in the past. My experience does not include the most recent
  7. I don't think anyone can draw the comparison with Forster. #1 - so far as I know there is not another race taking its place. #2 - how many people really went for the IM spot? #3 - it is well placed on the calendar The big difference with Forster is that most of us bitched about the race, drafting and course when it was there, people went to Forster for the Mdot and the finish line crowd (neither of which were going to be there as the Ultra). I don't hear any such complaints about Canberra. As for the Long Course being so close after the worlds, I am as yet unsure exactly how
  8. Lets be honest with ourselves, the qualifying criteria for Port Macq is anyone who can traipse around a Half Ironman course within the time limit, fill in the correct form and pony up the cash when offerred a spot. For years now the entire 'qualifying' series has been shown to be an effective value-add for IMG and a farsical attempt at giving athletes the sense of value in obtaining something in scarce supply. Why did they not just offer more spots at each qualifying race and be done with it earlier rather than waiting til January so that the poor souls that get the call can start plan
  9. I hope you show more tact in that task than you tend to exhibit around here when you are bored.
  10. Jeez you talk it up Marc. Mavic are the Nike equivalent of wheels. These wheels weigh 1528.9 g per pair (claimed weight is 1485 g). There are 50 other wheel sets that are significantly lighter and invariably more aero than these. Reynolds Cirro SV KOM ZIPP 303 Z3 Campagnolo Hyperon Ritchey WCS Protocol HED Stinger V50 Mavic make some good wheels but these are just for showing off rather than any specific performance benefits. Should sell well in the Eastern suburbs. Ritchey Protocols are probably the best bang for buck for anyone in this kind of (non-aero) market. $799
  11. way off topic but my host has conveniently changed servers on me and as a result my online store is no longer correctly accessing the database. Does anyone have or know anyone with the skils to fix this issue? Happy to pay. PM with details.
  12. ha ha, the classic is also that a race rirector will always debate the fact that their swim was short or long. They always have a raft or reasons why the times were out including (but not limited to: fresh water or sea water tides chop bouy movement currents blah blah The bottom line is that their distance is always 100% and the factors above can cause variations of up to 30% on swim times even over distances as little as 400m.
  13. Those bags were great. My only major complaint was the extremely confusing signage for the 2nd loop back through Coppins. Very badly thought out. I am very sure that many people have missed that loop and will be performing some serious analysis on some of the spectacular bike times when I have full results. It will be 'Gold Coast drafters list' all over again.
  14. So I am fat pom, but I never feel that it is used as a bad word. Illegal Immigrant is perhaps?
  15. Chefspop, nozzle is not decrying the bike, simply illustrating that the Brand cycle has peaked and that other brands are now emerging as being more desirable by those wanting to dumps large bundles of cash on bikes. I think Cervelo's very slow move into carbon has probably hurt them too. The merits of Cervelo's are not in question but nor are they exclusively cervelo's domain anymore. Pleanty of people (including me) have taken on what they have popularised and developed very similar machines.
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