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    5KM CR Bay run 19:36 (28 Mar 08)
    10KM CRs Summer series Bay run. 39:41 (29 Feb 08)
    SMH Half Marathon 2007 1.29:10
    Canberra Marathon 2007 3:19:50
    6 Foot Track Marathon 4:51:22 (9 March 08)
    Poorman's Comrades Down Year 96KMs 9:49 2007 2nd over all with very heavy rain all day.
    Trailwalker 100KM Sydney 2007 15:44 6th team out of 502 teams.
    246KMs Coast To Kosciusko 2007 35:27:32.

    Half Ironman Forster 2003 5.16.26
    Ironman Port Macquarie 2006 11.46.45
  1. I am in Pete. Should be lots of fun. Brick
  2. 4 Ironman's and another in les than 3 weeks time. Many Ultra's 45-240km. I have said this before when asked but will repeat myself. I think Ironman training is harder than Ultra training simply because you have to fit 3 sports in and be OK at all to get a good time. But 100+km Ultras are harder on the body than Ironman when racing both.
  3. I voted 11:30-11:45 and looking over his shoulder until I pass him on the run.
  4. How big is it? I had one cut out a couple of weeks ago by my GP. Sent away to test (which cost a fortune) and all good benign. Mine was a 6mm round and he cut it about 5-6mm deep as well. Stiches are out and result only a slight pinching of the skin in a 7mm line.
  5. I hope you feel lucky, Eastern Browns are lovely snake. I passed on in Lane Cove Park at lunch time today on the side of the road going into the bush.
  6. TriNSW used to have a half year membership fee. I guess they have removed that. I was thinking about doing Club Champs as a test race for Port Mac, I guess not if I have to pay full fees for 2 months membership.
  7. I have been doing a WT session most PMs. 30-40 minutes on the trainer at a hard pace makes the legs hurt but not so much as to not be able to run well the next morning. After the help on the thread I put up last week Ironman Bike training only on Trainer Building them up to 1hr sessions most day during the week and try to get a 3-5hr ride on the road on the weekend. Sounds like my ride training plan for Port Mac, only time will tell if it is any good or not. A 6hr bike would be good for me sub 6hr really good.
  8. OK when building back from 30 minute up to 1hr, 1:30hr swim sessions is it best to do short sets or longer sets. IE: 200m with a short rest, repeat. 500m with short rest, repeat. Or even longer sets of 1km or 1.5km. I swim about 19-20 for 1km.
  9. If you have a spare aero helmet and nealo does not need it, can i borrow it? Never hurts to ask?
  10. But did he say yes to salt tablets or S caps or something similar which is not just salt tablets? As well as preload with the same.
  11. I have done about 10hrs each week since Christmas. Will move that up to about 12hrs for the next 2 weeks and then a rest week for 6' Track then get more into bike & swim training.
  12. Forgot to say this thread pushed me into a run with set this morning. Start 2km easy/warmup at about 5:05 min per km pace. 2km at 4min per km pace. 2km at 5:05 per km pace. 2km at 4min per km pace. 1km cool down walk not count in the run. Was hard and fun to mix it up a little bit Might even try some 1km reps some time soon for some fun but at the same pace as above with a 1km rest at same pace as above. Keep it interesting and fun is always good to keep training easy.
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