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  1. I get mornings, hubby gets afternoons except for Tuesdays (Chicks Mountain biking group). Still home by 630 after 1:15 on the trails. Weekends are all over the place at the moment - just depends on what we've got on. Often stick to the above pattern, and we're both likely to tell the other to go for a run or ride rather than having a grumpy household. Little dude also has a pretty good running pram (can also be bike trailer but the one trail/path here that was suitable they put gates on that mean it has to be lifted over - we've got such a bright council! we do use it to ride other areas)
  2. Essential are the only ones not currently formally on the privatisation block. Has not stopped the move from permanent roles to contract roles and an overall decrease in workforce (without accounting for the 100+ contract roles lost when their call center left town) Port Mac - good for tertiary - CSU have plans to make it their international campus, so will offer a mix of undergrad and postgrad. Tafe is very large here as well. Decent house for $450k, can get cheaper, check for some seriously dodgy areas first. No real chance of career progression once you're here except in a select few
  3. Moved out of Canberra and kept there - rent here. Keep thinking about buying here but the three things putting us off are 1. The rates here are stupidly high for the house values (anything considered non rural - $2400 per annum - doesn't matter if it's 320k or 1.320m), 2. Rent is cheap for well located houses (especially when first $50 of rent goes straight to council), 3. tradies here are expensive, if you can get them to show up at all, then if you can get them to finish the job at all. (4. Better return on property elsewhere even with the down turn in Canberra rents, 5. The employer in town
  4. mooze


    FM if you're still after accom let me know. Mr Mooze will be down there with a some of our crew prepping for the husky100 the following weekend, will have a couple of spare beds that weekend before the rest of crew arrives on Sunday.
  5. For Husky100 MTB I know there are two types - those who volunteer direct and get tshirt, food, lunch voucher, whatever is in the competitor swag, along with a voucher of x amount (usually equivalent of most of a race entry) - there are those who have been back year after year and the other half uses the voucher for their race There's also those who volunteer through a group - they get all the same, minus the voucher, instead the group get a donation (VRA, Scouts, Rotary, Lions, St John Ambulance etc). For IM Port there are both types, often get a tshirt and hat, if volunteer group a dona
  6. Pity it isn't on the coast or slightly better climate. Other than that it can be a pretty great place. Highly educated population, good schools, good restaurants and cafes (gotta have somewhere for the lobbyists to take the pollies/senior staffers), great riding and running (as well as swimming - many lunch times got own lane and sometimes own pool at AIS). Traffic can be crap at times (compared to Port Mac, not compared to Sydney or Brisbane). You can get to the beaches faster (and with free parking) than from many areas of Sydney - with a great bakery stop on the way. We're getting close
  7. mooze

    Port Mac 70.3

    Conditions were very good - little to no wind for much of the bike and not too warm until later in the morning. Numbers way way way down - 684 this year vs 1200something last year. Meant very little drafting visible.
  8. Another one who worked through uni with no government assistance (despite family living in a different country at the time so no chance of living at home and attending Uni). One big positive - a lot of employers look positively on those who work through university even if it's just cafe or fast food. May also be worth registering with some employment agencies to do temp work - great way to get insight into a number of industries even if only for a few weeks.
  9. Start planning a trip to the Redwoods at Rotorua - absolutely amazing riding. There is nothing in Oz that compares (and there are some great trails around - Canberra has a fantastic network, just avoid race weekends as it gets crowded). They recently logged some of the redwoods but the tracks are still good. Taupo also has some fun tracks. If you're Melbourne based Forest has some great trails and a couple of the pro's are now naming Bright as one of their favourite areas. There's a few good areas around Port Mac - Jolly Nose (Queens Lake state forest) and Telegraph Point (currently b
  10. Thank you for being quiet. Yes it does generate some economic activity for the local community - however when said local community looks at events like the touch football tournaments which generate more income at lower period times with impacts onto only those going out to the airport (where the fields are)...... Also while there's a lot of cyclists in town the standard route is straight out oxley highway or old oxley highway, take the first left up and over burrawang dr, across/down old highway onto houston mitchell, then back up ocean drive to town - and that's part of the problem - the
  11. So what you're saying Steno is that due to the fact that an event happens to run past my place (which I and my neighbours really wish didn't), that I should somehow make plans to put my garbage elsewhere for a week just so a bunch of lazy spectators who can manage to take rubbish to the course with them don't have to carry their rubbish away from the course, and that if I choose not to put said bin out (due to the fact that it's being used for it's intended purpose - my household's trash) I should grin and bear trash in my backyard and through the reserve next to me? That I should have zero e
  12. just his stinky nappies. And given those associated with IM think it's ok to put their rubbish in my backyard, maybe next year I should utilise theirs (T1/T2) for some nappies?
  13. I've got an almost full bin and a 8month old child - where do you suggest I put my trash between now and Thursday if I allowed all the spectators to use (fill) my bin?
  14. Will he please send someone out to clean up the cups and other crap thrown in our backyard and on the path next to our house by spectators. (not kidding - incredibly pissed off - got abused for telling multiple spectators no they cant use our bins, yet they all think i'ts only their trash and none of the other 300 people on the hill have trash to dispose of).
  15. Sorry for the delay! Been off north of the border. Matt and Junior K will be there with video and still cameras ready to go. I'll attempt to duck out from work for a bit
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