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  1. The OLT v FatPom was a classic as FP mentioned above was gold. Wim De Doncker (the Belgian Pro Triathlete) who come to OZ for a few races and jumped on this forum copped a harsh feedback, the threads he engaged in always somehow needed popcorn close by. I have been on and off for all the years, and not so much as late but was always good to check in on the community.
  2. I thought that was pre Transitions i.e Forster HIM 2002 (that very hot day) in Ozchat.
  3. To confirm, I'll always think you're great.
  4. The only upside to that is additional SC or Points if they (presumably so) hold any meaning to you.
  5. So if you have the lounge option, given the time frame you have, that does present an opportunity to have a nice session (keep it discreet though). Hopefully the QAN lounge you have which is pretty decent in ADL. The Virgin lounge there is not so nice - particularly the bathrooms/shower.
  6. Yeah, as other have said, the Torrens river run is a ripper, although the last 2k heading to the beach is a bit boring so turning right and running as far as you want to city direction would be my choice. Alternatively get yourself to the beach from the airport which is pretty easy and plenty of good running either direction.
  7. You could always just have more and then get it right!!! 😁😁😁😁😁
  8. If either had done a "Deek", there would have been no issue (well the present one being discussed).
  9. I assume nobody is keen on Ballarat 226. I'm not, although Chuck maybe resurrecting it.
  10. Chuck, you forgot to tell Mike Reilly it was off, he was ranting and raving down at St.Kilda this afternoon wondering where everybody was. His day ended up officiating the beach volleyball tournament a suburb down in middle park. He was in full voice but will be hitting you up for his appearance fee, although I see you've got that covered from Active.
  11. I found running endurance (going not flat out but fast longer) improved after 40, although that could have been influenced by how I trained, but top end speed fell away. Then mid/late 40's both endurance and speed aspects of running started to slow. (Not being as serious doesn't help, but I factored that in) I found explosive bike speed also fell only slightly away after 40 but nothing too noticeable. I don't ride anymore (other than on the trainer) to see where I am now but suspect several rungs back. I sorta don't enjoy long bike rides any more, they just seem like they'll be bo
  12. California is the most western mainland state of the USA isn't it? (Outside of Alaska)
  13. Chuck, how about making the Frankston race a qualifier to the Ballarat 226, that would go along way to justifying the prize purse you suggest.
  14. I opened this topic thinking it was a story about somebody laying a cable in some athletes pre or post race/training meal.
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