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  1. I competed in a team, and my runner was thrown by all the events. She saw you guys dragging the guy out of the water, was also right there when the cyclist crashed, watched them do CPR, then got to transition where the two girls next to her were chatting - turns out one of them was a colleague of the bloke who passed away, and found out then that he'd passed. My friend witnessed that and the sobbing, and was already feeling a little emotional when I came in off the bike struggling to breathe (cycling while sick is stupid). Tough day for many reasons... My thoughts are with the bloke who pa
  2. novice


    How are all you guys going??
  3. novice


    Wow, good memories! Yes a lot has changed, moved to California, had open heart surgery, had some bad luck with our first kid, but now have a super cute 4 year old, divorced the husband, living in Brisbane, and back into exercise, although haven't been able to run for over a year thanks to a foot injury. I'm doing the swim and bike legs for a half IM in about 5 weeks, so still keeping in touch :-) I'm mostly cycling at the moment. And yes Roxii, see Aunty Nola more regularly now - my daughter loves Aunty Nola's place!
  4. novice


    Wow, it's probably been 10 years since I last logged on and my password still works. Sweet. Nice to see lots of old faces around, anyone remember me? :-)
  5. I dragged my poor old Avanti Vivace out of storage, blew off the dust and cobwebs and took it into the bike shop to get it cleaned up and rideworthy again. It's got mostly Tiagra components, and when I bought it, it was a decent entry level bike, and cost about $1600 if I recall correctly. While I was waiting for them to look at my bike, I looked at their bikes, and discovered they were selling the Giant TCR C3 for US$999. I think the C1 was about $2000. Sigh.
  6. I recently got a Nikon D80 which has been awesome! No complaints at all
  7. Ha - not an Ironman by a long shot It's August 24. I felt quite down watching IMOZ online - I always get a little down watching it and wishing I was there. The atmosphere is soo much fun. I really need to try and get over to watch Hawaii sometime. My chest muscles are still quite tight and a bit sore, so it'll make it even more interesting getting back into it. During recovery I got a cold and hurt a muscle in my chest while sneezing that's never fully healed. It still hurts when I sneeze. I'm thinking of getting massage/physical therapy to try and help it. I better
  8. Spirit and motivation to train are 2 VERY different things! You don't finish a cold 2.4km swim just on spirit
  9. I'll be getting a wetsuit and a neoprene swim cap I think...
  10. Oh man I am going to die. Hi all, long time since I've been around! After having to give up triathlon due to my heart condition, I'm now trying to get back into it! I had open heart surgery in January to fix the problem, and am off restrictions. Just need to figure out how to get my fat arse back into training! I'm still living in California, near San Francisco, so have chosen to do the "Escape from the Rock" triathlon (different from Escape from Alcatraz). It's a bloody cold 2.4k swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco itself, a 1 mile run to the bike compound, a 3 lap (20k total)
  11. novice


    I've been away a while - what happened????
  12. Awesome, we'll have to meet somewhere after the race! I'll probably hang out at the Bilbys aid station for the run once everyone gets running.
  13. We're heading back to Australia for christmas, and will be in Canberra from December 14-18, which I've just discovered is when the Canberra Half is on! I'm excited to be able to catch up with so many of my old tri buddies, and I figured a bunch of you guys will probably be there as well. So who'll be there???
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