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  1. Hey, I have not been online in quite some time, but this is worth something. Mate, I don't know you, but I went through this 5 years ago. Most of the ideas seem to be covered pretty well, but I have something to add. Rather then talk about your situation, of which I know very few details, I will relate something I learned from mine. She left me for another man, with very clear ideas of what she was leaving, and what she now wanted. It all seemed very clear and simple (to her and to me). She looked confident, happy and was only thinking about how great her new life would be. I was so
  2. I did follow the tour in 2005 for almost 2 weeks. I joined up with the tour in Montpelier, then went all the way to paris with a few rest days in between. It was a great adventure. I boarded the chunnel train in london, and it took me directly to paris. I then boarded a train to montpelier. Once there , I picked up my hire car, then went shopping in montpelier and bought a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag and a $150 cheap ass mountain bike. After that, I only booked my train trip to paris (Get in early) and my plane ticket home. Some nights I was able to find accomodation in near
  3. McTwistie

    TDF Stage 14

    I went over to france and followed the tour for 2 weeks 2 years ago. I only made it to one big mountain stage.... I drove up to 1000m elevation then got on a crappy mountain bike, and rode to the top of the Port De Peliheres. That damn mountain is HUGE. It's steep, winding road with switchbacks all over the place and less then 1 lane wide at times. Crowd everywhere, packed with campers, cars and other various vehicles. This is IT ! I will be watching late tonight
  4. Hey there, I am looking for a running group in Brisbane. Any weeknight - after 6. It cannot be the one at Enoggera - Wardell st. Ex GF Issues...... Anyone know any night groups? Thanks
  5. Yes, SteveCan is my Brother. Looks like he is doing it pretty tough on the run. Maybe paying for his bike split ? Hope he gets it up ! WELL DONE RULEY !! Awesome time
  6. Stevecan came off the bike 12 minutes faster then last year. Last year: swim 58:27, Ride 5:41.53, Run 3:47:07 This Year: swim 58:20 Ride 5:29:52 Run ?? Looking bloody Good. GO STEVE !!! His Mate Tony has made up 8 minutes on the run, but is still 12 minutes behind. About 2/3 of the run complete. Should be close.
  7. Splits for the last 60 km seem to be slowing quite a bit. Wind picking up ?
  8. what exactly do you have to multiply miles by to get kms? 269220[/snapback] It's about 3 to 5. 18.6 miles is 30km 37.2 miles is 60km 55.8 miles is 90km 112 Miles is 180km
  9. Stevecan out of the water in about 250th place. Making a move on what sounds like a pretty brutal bike leg. Anthony Underwood came out of the water about 10 minutes behind Steve (58 and 68), steve put in another 3 or 4 minutes on the bike so far. GO STEVE !
  10. McTwistie and CycleGirl will be there. Even if we have to sleep on the beach
  11. Still looking for a spot to stay for IM. I have one offer, and may have to take it up after being warned I will regret it if I do Anyone know somewhere with rooms spare, or anyone in dorms ?? Damn, I know it's late, but I gotta be there to support ya's all !
  12. Hey guys, Gizmo Got any details on that damn Tennis Court Hotel thingy ? What u got ? Pete, may take you up on it..... but will see. Way to late to try to book a room I think.
  13. I will be coming down for IM again this year, and just might be bringing my GF with me. We are looking for any 2 beds to share accomodation. Gizmo - You doing the tennis court hotel again ?? And I have even MORE dvd's this time. Can bring player - no worries. Could even be pursuaded to pay a few dollars towards the beds. Looking at arriving around 8-10 pm Friday night, and leaving monday lunch. Cheers PS... If you have anything larger then a single bed, then Just 1 bed will be fine
  14. Hey guys, yes I am STILL HERE I have gained some strength and speed, but lost some endurance. I had a good 85km ride on the weekend, and came out pretty good, finishing in the top 5 both sprints - but I could feel that 10 more k's would have been my limit. Still pretty good. The running is finally starting to work, and I completed my longest ever run a couple of weeks ago - about 14km. I am planning on completing the Brisbane half in April. Have not been back in the pool though. The new girl is into tri as well, and while she is a solid rider, can run much further and fas
  15. McTwistie

    New watch time

    I sold my Polar 720i... I had TOO many features and was too bulky. I moved to a Nike triax C8. I bought it on ebay for $100. They cost $300. The hrm is excellent, and can use Polar straps. It has basic features, with some nice extras and has been very comfortable and hard wearing. You can also change the battery yourself, and I do use the strap that comes with it - it is plenty comfortable. Check them out
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