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  1. Lol!!! Only Greg Parr. A legend of Australian Triathlon.
  2. MJK


    The biggest issue is most people don't know how to do basic endurance training properly. They go too hard, above the level that builds the body and the constitution, and it's ability to absorb training. They don't relax enough on their endurance workouts to be able to do enough of it. The common mentality is that if you have 1h of running, then it ends up pretty solid, or full of intervals, instead of feeling like you could turn around and do it 3-4x over again.
  3. MJK


    Lol, I know, it looks demented 'on paper' when I look back. But it's just been a natural consequence of doing what I love, and am driven/motivated by. I also recognise that my needle might swing a bit too far from centre.
  4. MJK


    I've raced every single year since 1985. 36 consecutive years. Biggest break I ever took was 6 weeks of casual MTB riding and concentrated. strength program, other than that through the 90's I took usually 2 weeks off each year then 2 weeks light exercise. But since 2000 pretty much no breaks at all, and definitely I never stop running totally given it opens me up to injury....except for minor injuries that might have forced 5 days of no running every 5 years before I was able to restart running or I mean 'jogging' even at 8-9:00/km pace and 'below the pain' which gradually sped up a
  5. That’s ok because the 30” rest is after 1200m of main set, so not too soon or too frequently. The idea is for the pulse to not fall away too much in these sets.
  6. I would pull the rest back a bit especially with pull gear. Typically I use 12-15s max for aerobic 300’s.
  7. Yes. Even a Sprint Tri is over 1h for most. Look to the total event duration, not the swim duration in isolation. The swim is not a ‘stop at the end’ TT. You train and race in a way that sees you exit the swim carrying too high lactate, and having used too much energy, the impact is magnified through the bike and run to follow. Faster ‘on oxygen’ is the ticket for triathlon.
  8. I do and prescribe almost the exact opposite. The greatest majority of work as long, short rest, interval sets. Or long sets like 8-10x400m. Or non-stop swims With a large aerobic predominance, albeit solid aerobic. But they do need to be long/sustained enough. The problem I have with the 'easy' and 'hard' is in the execution. If it's recovery pace, and anaerobic efforts, then I'd suggest that that is the sort of work that will erode the aerobic cup if, as is so often the case, it is overdone in both volume, and frequency (of workouts). I'd suggest that
  9. It's not unwise at all. 7-9 hours a week or 1-1.5h a day, if it's spread across three sports in a week, isn't very much at all and aerobic capacity, which is such a large component of this sport, is a year on year thing, it builds over time. If doing 12-14h or so with consistency is something that fits easily into someone's life, they can recover well from it, maintain good health, make progress and add more greatly to their base than a 7-9h a week athlete then they should go for it. There is no doubt they will be better positioned come next May in most instances than someone do
  10. They settled on the sale yesterday.
  11. "Current Queensland Government restrictions mean that with an approved COVID Safe Event Plan, events between 500 - 10,000 can take place. More information about our IRONMAN Cairns COVID Safe Event plan and how it relates to your experience will be shared over the coming weeks, but for now, you can read more about IRONMAN’s Return to Racing guidelines here: https://www.ironman.com/return-guidelines"
  12. I’d bet if NSW introduced equally aggressive testing we’d also start to find the virus much more widespread than is thought, too...despite the death rate not going anywhere. 🤔 I didn’t think it was eradication we needed to be able to go forward, but rather an element of control/management of the rate of spread. Just as was the initial mandate...in an effort to stem the over-running of hospital beds in ICU.
  13. Stage 3 maximum of 100 people in outdoor sporting activity but... "More than this number of people may be permitted under an approved Industry COVID Safe Plan".
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