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  1. Energy bars are easier to make in my opinion. Oats, rice bubbles, some sultanas, ground coffee beans, honey and nutella. Mix and freeze. Gels, look at Infinit nutrition, they have a powder that is just add water.
  2. With socks to go with the shoes. I like the fluoro yellow. Good to see they are getting lighter.
  3. Looking for some collective wisdom. I am contemplating organising a few races and want to know about insurance costs. Prior to spending time on the phone to companies. While I will have insurance running the event, I am looking for advice on individual insurance for competitors. The reason is, I would like to open up the event to Joe Public and move away from having it run through Governing Bodies. So entrants wouldn't necessarily have their usual Racing Licence and coverage. Has anyone else considered this scenario? The event would be held on private land. Any concept of cost per
  4. Will

    Le Tour - 2015

    Because if the rider was fine, quicker to fix the helmet than run back and get another one. Give him the new helmet once they are back on the bike and in the peloton. Can only carry so much when he gets out of a car.
  5. Will

    Le Tour - 2015

    Impey back on his bike and rides off with a busted collarbone. Matthews looked like he was in shock. When you look at that chaos, no wonder they neutralised for a section.
  6. Not this week due to other commitments but hoping to get out there semi regularly this year.
  7. Even if it pops, it will have to go down about 50%, otherwise it goes down 10-20%, people will just think - well i lost 1 or 2 years growth - that isn't too bad. Move along. Once unemployment goes up, i see that as being the prick. Once people start feeling insecure in their jobs, they are going to start thinking twice about taking out a mortgage, then the market will slow.
  8. Upper Loop of the Yarra Boulevard KEW, also known as “The Teardrop”. (Mel Ref: 44 G4) Hawthorn Cycling Club run crits there.
  9. How many expats left with a job already lined up and how many just went on their way and hoped they would pick up a gig?
  10. Done. Made me realise how old i am when i saw the age when i first started using social media.
  11. When you looked at some of the people on the show, you did wonder, what hope any of them had. That is certainly some welfare money wasted there, but i couldn't really think of a solution that would work or help these people. The guy who had been a functioning heroin addict for thirty years - as a society what do we do with him? Corey the ice addict. I don't see what he will really be offering society in the coming years besides heartache. The one problem none of them seemed to have was access to drugs. Amazing how they could afford and then so easily score so many drugs. Good thing
  12. I am a fan. While this may not be the first virtual currency to take off and it may fail, i think it is certainly the gateway to the future. Think about the benefits of being able to access such a virtual currency, particularly for those in countries with weak banking systems or those who don't have the ability to currently register for a credit card. Becoming the global currency. If companies such as google enter the banking system, there is no reason why they wouldn't go down a similar path, so it may be in the future that we pay for items using 'googlies' or something.
  13. My wife was cleaning out the closet and found one of the original 2XU Transitions outfits. Jersey is a small and Shorts are a medium. Probably worn once or twice a number of years and since has sat in a bag of other cycling kit. Free to a good home, PM me and i will put it in the post to you.
  14. Will


    The train normally stops and lets the race go past by waiting at the previous station when the race is running as per schedule, however the race was running 15 minutes ahead of schedule and so this train hadn't been advised to stop and wait.
  15. With the nonstick pans make sure you don't use metal cooking utensils - this is what scratches and damages the non stick cover.
  16. I have a bell on my commuter, attached to my seat post. I can ring it by flicking it with my leg. Therefore i can maintain both hands on the brakes.
  17. Giant Propel would be my pick followed closely by a Focus.
  18. If you do clip your light onto your jersey, clip it onto the bottom of your jersey rather than your pocket. That helps maintain the visibility of the light when you are aero.
  19. Wipe the bike down, clean the chain of any gunk that has built up - so just spin the chain covered in a cloth. then i would grease the chain. Pump the tyres up. Check your skewers are locked in. Check your brakes are on. Then take it for a spin.
  20. I was just wondering what you think the average cost of a non club run triathlon would be in your area or one that you travel to? What is the most expensive Ironman to enter in Oz? Obviously clubs provide a cheap entry point for many to do their first or often only triathlons. If clubs stopped running races and all we were left with was privately operated triathlons, i wonder what would happen to costs? I am just trying to put a value on clubs and protecting their roles and this is one avenue i am exploring. So am looking for typical costs of privately run events. Thanks
  21. Are you currently offsetting that amount you have saved against your mortgage? Every little bit helps. I would be tempted to go equities, in a fund as mentioned above. Over the long term and at least at the moment it will grow much quicker than just sitting in a savings account earning little to nothing.
  22. Will

    Riding insurance

    Cycling Australia Insurance is really only third party insurance.
  23. Will

    Skin tags

    By chance i happened to be having two 'white moles' removed yesterday from my head, took about 5 minutes. Doctor sterilised, chopped them off and then use a welder like device to stop the bleeding. Having just read this thread on the way to the doctor, i remembered i had a tag on my chest. He looked at it, grabbed a liquid nitrogen gun, blasted it for about 2 seconds and said, it will now fall off in about 2 days. Didn't even charge for it. So on that basis i think the product advertised there by Ayto would work.
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