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  1. Even if it pops, it will have to go down about 50%, otherwise it goes down 10-20%, people will just think - well i lost 1 or 2 years growth - that isn't too bad. Move along. Once unemployment goes up, i see that as being the prick. Once people start feeling insecure in their jobs, they are going to start thinking twice about taking out a mortgage, then the market will slow.
  2. How many expats left with a job already lined up and how many just went on their way and hoped they would pick up a gig?
  3. Will

    All things NFL

    Considering being a first round draft pick doesn't even guarantee you a spot on a team, i say good luck but look for him to be pulling a jersey on for the Eels in round one. Credit for giving it a crack though.
  4. So are they drug cheats or just a failing of the system and Aussie sport is still clean?
  5. They would get a better following in Perth than they do right now. From memory the former Perth team had an average crowd of somewhere between 10-13k. The biggest issue they will have now is the ability to lure players to club - will end up having to pay masive overs for everyone, which leaves you with a limited squad with little depth.
  6. So which has caused more jobs loses- carbon tax or holden shut down?
  7. So can we now call him a liar at every possible opportunity?
  8. The Budget update will be interesting. I wonder if they will still release it post Christmas? Consumer and business confidence have both come down post election. Which is typical - there is always a bounce after an election. Wates don't seem that smooth at the moment. Also think Malcolm has been quite quiet of late.
  9. I see that Abbott and Co are preparing to put into legislation the tax on Bank deposits to establish the Financial Stability Fund. Deried by many on here as outrageous. While decrying the Labor party during the election for such a proposal, it looks like the Labor party put in the hard yards for this questionable policy.
  10. Judging by the number of builders that went bust during or just after the BER, it certainly wasn't that industry that made a lot of money out of it. Most of the costs went to very well fitted out school halls, is that really such a bad thing? Surely money well spent compared to other schemes like flag poles. From a jobs perspective, that was money well spent, it gave a number of schools very good facilities and at the same time kept a very high number of tradies in work, evidently when that work stopped most went under or went bust shortly after. But for that period of time it kept them in
  11. At least we know that Tony is on record saying "I will sell anything except my arse" i wish the same could be said for many of the Labor politicians.
  12. Rug - is that the same Ross who has said that government debt run up by Labor wasn't such a bad thing? What has the rest of the global markets been doing in the last few days? Any positive economic news out of the US or China?
  13. That left leaning tabloid rag - 'The Economist' thinks Rudd should be voted in. Damn Commies.....
  14. Whatever happens come election day - this thread has been good for the post count for both Andrew 1 and Smiffy. Along with the former PM and her POA signing, how much time did all those corrupt AWB officials and those in government end up serving?
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