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  1. SteveCan

    They're ready

    All the VERY BEST to the racers today - I will be watching with interest. Cheers SteveCan
  2. Hi all, Two identical Xterra wetsuits for sale - very little use - 1 x 1/2IM & 1 x IM for each. See from the pictures that they are in very good nick. Nice suits, pretty much top of the range racing suit in 2007. Cost was in the order of $700 ea - have no idea what they are worth now (been hanging in the cupboard since October 2007), so make a reasonable offer and we can have a chat about it :-) Medium size - means that it fit comfortably when I was sitting in the low 70's - would fit 65-75kg & about 5'7-5'11 thanks and look forward to hearing from - someone.. :-)
  3. Hi, On behalf of a friend I have two sets of Corima 4-Spoke Wheels for sale. One set of High Pressure and one set Singles. Both in excellent Nic. the yellow decals have been removed so they are all black. Both sets come with a good set of tyres and a Campag 10-speed cassette. Asking $2500 each. Questions?
  4. HED Superlite Disk & Tri Spoke Front. Very low Kms - 1 x IM, 1 x 1/2 IM - perfect nic. Includes a set of Tubulars and Campagnolo Wheel bags Asking $1400. Send me a PM!
  5. A man sitting at a bar at Sydney International Airport noticed a really beautiful woman sitting next to him. He thought to himself: 'Wow, she's so gorgeous she must be an off duty flight attendant. But which airline does she work for?' Hoping to pick her up, he leaned towards her and uttered the Delta slogan: 'Love to fly and it shows?' She gave him a blank, confused stare and he immediately thought to himself: 'Damn, she doesn't work for Delta.' A moment later, another slogan popped into his head. He leaned towards her again, 'Something special in the air
  6. Hey All, McTwistie is well and Cycling quite a bit - at last update he was even considering the Gold Coast Half Marathon. I believe he is booked to go and see the 2009 Tour De France as well as some other sport related travel too. Must ask him for some input into a Poll for old times sake..
  7. Thanks all. Hey Thommo - no real drive to start 'wand waving' as yet - I actually want to catch some fish. They do give a hell of a tow around - that fish took me long time to get to the boat as I was using relatively light gear (mainline rating less than the weight of the fish) and would have drifted nearly 2k's offshore during the fight. the kayak performs exstremely well on big fish because you are always 'over' the fish. Also - the days when it's too windy outside there is the estuaries and canals - very fishy there too :-) Detai - thanks for noticing..
  8. Hi Guys - long time no post, and long time no race. In fact I am sitting here thinking - I have seen this before from others but thought it would never happen to me! My last race was Coomera 07 and while I had decided that I was not going to do Ironman this year, in fact I simply have felt no drive to compete in any triathlon/race at all! I popped in the other day to have a look - Let's face it , Transitions is not all about triathlon after all! Steely sent me a personal message asking how I was and I thought that I might post up an update and say 'hi' to everyone - so here I am.
  9. It's a bit like saying - would you rather win a Gold Medal at the Olympics in tennis or win Wimbledon. A no brainer I would think. C'mon MMW - you can troll better than this..
  10. What Juimmy C said - Leyton would be a bloody hero if he was from the US - anyone remember a bloke by the name of Agassi? He was brash and abrasive at times but he was a popular competitor. Tall Poppy Syndrome at it's worst. And as for the Australian Cricket team - we should be bloody proud of them, not criticising one of the greatest achievements of any team in history. Shame Australia Shame. We should appreciate what we have got.
  11. I bought these after the Marathon in July and managed to run in one set before realising that these just weren't going to work for me. It is a slightly different fit than the Nirvana 1 & 2's and makes my little toe blister. One set is brand new in box and the other set has less than 100k run in them. I paid a retailer at the Expo $420 for the two pairs. Colour is as per the Pic. Asking $250 for both plus postage. Cheers Steve. Edt :- Sorry - Size 10.5 Wave_Nirvana3.bmp Wave_Nirvana3.bmp Wave_Nirvana3.bmp
  12. SteveCan

    Merry Christmas

    Insomnia. Merry Christmas to all from SteveCan! I wish you and your families a Healthy and Happy Christmas.
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