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  1. A few grand, but I'm turning it into a money making venture. 😁 With changes in the $AU v Euro I actually got back $790 for a $715 entry paid. Took a bit of a punt on my airfare and went for a voucher rather than a refund and Air Qatar have given me a voucher to use before May 2022 at cost+20%! Being well ripped by van hire company in the NT though, on a van we hired as crew vehicle for a race in the centre. Might now plan a holiday and some fat ass running in the NT rather than lose a shit load.
  2. lawman

    Le Tour 2020

    Guillame Brahimi, great bloke. Our daughters played state league soccer together. He and I would talk rugby union while our daughters played soccer. Knows more about international rugby than anyone I know. He owned a restaurant at the Opera House.
  3. I have no idea what an average smoker goes through a day, but I heard on the radio yesterday that a pack of 20 is $35 and at that price an "average smoker could spend $12,500 a year". That's a new bike, surfboard, ocean ski or kayak, few pairs of trail shoes, climbing gear, packraft and a few race entries, each and every year!!!! (actually scrap the race entries, they aren't happening - I'll get two surfboards)
  4. I think they tried to get rid of Tim Bailey in the 90's but kept him after a viewer backlash. Seems like those viewers might have moved on. To be fair (except for the the bare patch on top that they try to cover very unconvincingly) he's doing OK for a 57 year old.
  5. We get a half hour of Sandra Sully from Sydney before they switch to our local regional news. ****, I hope they don't ditch that local half hour. I'd hate to miss hearing that Mrs Mac's chooks ran rampant through the main streets of Huskisson.
  6. The losses are a little softened with that tiresome bigot Kennerly gone.
  7. I've never considered myself a plane geek, but I went the road a bit to watch it do a low altitude flyover of the First Qantas 747 at the air museum just up the road before heading off the coast, pretty cool and a bit sad. Now that I enjoyed that, I might head up to Central station and do a bit of train spotting 😄
  8. Got tested at a South Coast NSW hospital last Friday afternoon about 4.30. You arrived, they took your phone number and said wait in your car, they rang me 5 min later and I was taken inside, tested and gone in another 5 mins. The results arrived on my phone 10hrs later at about 2.30a.m. I was glad to see that the bit of wall behind my head that was swabbed when the nurse stuck that stick up my nose and through my head, showed negative.
  9. Wasn't sure whether to put this in the Good News thread or here https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/radio/2gb-talk-show-host-alan-jones-will-retire-at-the-end-of-may/news-story/d2e078b9393afdeb305f5ea888461f4e
  10. lawman


    Well that went well Chris.
  11. 48k in 46 hrs ..... forgot that it finished at midday not 6.00pm. Mrs L did the Hoka slam 5 k, 10k and 21 k Saturday and 64 K Sunday. Sounds quite odd when you have Sunday breakfast with your wife and she walks out the door at 8.00am saying "Just going for a bit of a run, see you about 5.00"
  12. Found it via facebook Hoka One One Australia Isolation Running Festival Wife's doing the "slam". The three on Saturday might pull me up. Free entry https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hoka-one-one-australia-isolation-running-festival-timetofly-isorunfest-tickets-103281433548
  13. Trying to tie this one in with a Hoka event 5k (8am), 10k (10am) 21k (2pm) on Sat and 42k or 64k starting 8am for the big kids on Sun
  14. Sounds much like your infatuation with IJ and vica versa. Rarely see such impassioned pom pom waving.
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