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  1. Bit early to call it? Dr Danchin said symptoms to be aware of included headaches, blurred vision or abdominal pain anywhere between four and 30 days after getting the vaccine. https://amp.abc.net.au/article/100214896
  2. Dalai


    Memories of lying on the couch watching Wide World of Sports... OOOooone HUNDred and FOOOourty! 🎯
  3. I got the jab not for me, but my 90 year old mum and every other vulnerable person out there. Sad some people can't see beyond themselves...
  4. Seconded, Pictures or it didn't happen!
  5. Looks like I need to do more research then. In your opinion, any amps in the ~$600-700 range worth considering?
  6. Might have to bend your ear at some point about Amps. Considering the Marshall amp mg50dfx - noting it's not for playing publicly like you do, just want it to annoy the neighbourhood.
  7. Mine are nothing special but with enough distortion everything I play sounds okay to me... Given it's coming up to 12 months consistent playing, been considering treating myself to an ESP EII Horizon and a bigger and better amp.
  8. Nice. Good luck! Didn't realise there was a comp scene for trials in Australia. Great for spectators as the action is usually in a smallish area.
  9. Thanks. Local GP was booked via the National website, so may account for the different communication.
  10. Peter, where did you get your jab? State run centre or GP immunization hub? I went to the later a couple of weeks ago for my first AZ jab and received nothing following up how I am.
  11. Same as Mr Flower. Though my next dose is booked in still 10 weeks away.
  12. Dalai


    I'm an introvert and don't know that many people, yet personally know two people who both lost their father to covid. Older yes but no comorbidity.
  13. Prices across the board have gone silly, that's if you are lucky that what you want is available. Set up the home gym last year - thankfully Sam's Fitness I bought it all through didn't price gouge but look 6 months to restock. Just had one of my cars reassessed and they increased the agreed value by $30K! The way things are going I will need to repeat in a few months. Looks like everyone who normally drop $$$ on overseas holidays are buying toys. Since interest rates are so low, better return from classic cars than putting it into the bank!
  14. There will be less choice for models of new ICE cars as manufacturers move to EV. Given Australia's glacial move to embrace EV cars though, we will be able to continue driving petrol engines cars many years to come. Other countries embracing EV is a good thing IMO as a reduction in use of fossil fuels means remaining stock will last longer. That way I can keep enjoying my classic cars on the road and historic race car on the track. In regards to fuel options for ICE, various projects are underway to produce biofuels such as the linked from Porsche. https://newsroom.porsche.com
  15. Yay. Project Blinky Episode 34 just posted online!
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