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  1. @IronmanFoz how much does that case weigh? The great thing about the EVA case like the Polaris I have pictured above or ComfortablyNumb's Cell version is it offers the best balance between weight vs protection IMO. Prior to the Polaris I went halves in a Big Foot solid case. Offered great protection and heaps of room, but with changes to baggage rules for bicycles it was just too expensive to fly with. I've flown numerous times nationally and Internationally using my Polaris bike pod (without using the skewers to hold the wheels) and never had any damage to the bikes.* *Returnin
  2. Dalai


    Australia's already in the naughty corner. If we created a travel bubble with Taiwan, that would be the end of any Political relationship with China!
  3. Dalai


    Still showing up in sewerage... Not necessarily eliminated just yet. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/people-urged-to-get-tested-after-coronavirus-fragments-detected-in-melbourne-sewage
  4. Dalai


    Took a very early spirited drive with one of the cars (out the door 5:20am) with a few like minded individuals Sunday to Marysville return. Wise choice going that early as it was a clean run outbound. On the cruise back I passed back through Warburton and the campsite was packed, as was the waterpark next door and all the shops in town. Huge stream of cars and motorbikes still heading out too!
  5. Great trip away with mates sounds awesome @KieranR !
  6. That is the universal question with politics and politicians @more!
  7. Please take off your red coloured glasses for a moment. Both sides brought out the worse in voters!
  8. Unfortunately for eight years under President Obama, the Senate, lead by Republican Mitch McConnell, fought against every piece of legislation the president tried to enact. The Republicans had a majority in both the House and the Senate for the first two years of Trump’s presidency, and the only meaningful law passed has been the reverse-Robin Hood tax law that robbed from the middle class and poor and gave to rich people and corporations.
  9. With the Republicans controlling the Senate like when he was VP under Obama, reality is his hands will be tied even before he can move into the Whitehouse...
  10. No way I could see Trump's ego handle being 4 years in opposition!
  11. Possibly because you have your partner? I was quite happy to only spend time with my wife rather than going out to catch up with others... Now alone the last 4+ years and even more isolated with WFH the last 7 months with family and my few remaining friends outside my 5km, my only interactions have been one daily Zoom meeting with my work team members and a few phone calls with family. I am very much a hermit, but even towards the end of the latest restrictions started struggling with feelings of loneliness!
  12. I have seen the same people in a previous show on the same lines - just looked it up and it was called SAS who dares wins...
  13. When the leader of a country who has enough diehard followers get elected tells everyone that the virus doesn't exist and when finally acknowledged it will just disappear so nothing to worry about. Doesn't wear a mask even when suggested otherwise which his followers match his behaviour and don't wear theirs even at huge rallies held when the virus is rampant. Tweets like “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” encouraging follows to fight against lockdowns! Which as difficult they have been here in Melbourne have shown it works. Personally I don't think either candidate is right for the job. Why
  14. Nice Jim! My maggies have 2 offspring this year, so are often dropping in to see if I will give them something. I have dried dog food soaking in water which gets a quick microwave before bringing out for them. I always need to remember to close the door, as they have followed me into the house on a number of occasions!
  15. I fully agree with you. As I mentioned above about the media, it appears that they are all strongly aligned to either the Democrats or Republicans and are just used as propaganda machines. Far removed from unbiased journalism and why I don't read any of it!
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