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  1. The only time I have been to watch Port Mac IM the finish was in Wesport Park. It was terrible, it had no atmosphere, when I went for a walk late in the day and everyone was hanging around Town Green and it had a lot more atmosphere. It was also the first time, I hadn’t stayed to cheer the last finisher at an IM as was boring.
  2. There was the Jackie Fairwether tri on in Canberra on Sunday which was delayed from earlier in the year. Also there will be a big Canberra contingent at Husky next weekend. Not all triathletes have a mtb.
  3. I think this list is only top three in each age group. I guy know was racing and he is not in the results.
  4. Actually your wrong. There are no safe supplements. It you go through the Sports Integrity Australia (old ASADA) training they reinforce this over and over. All it takes is for the company to not clean equipment properly one time and you can end up with tainted batch of supplements. Also the testing equipment is getting more and more sophisticated and picks up minor traces. Look at all the recent people who gotten pinged with the recent retesting of samples from London olympics that weren’t pinged 8 years ago.
  5. Bought two polygon mountain bikes this year from them. Definitely good value for money. Had to buy one bike on pre order and it turned up 10 days early. Would recommend them.
  6. peteb

    RPM bikes

    I have a concept2 bike erg, which the whole family uses. It’s little bit more than what he wants to spend at $1800 but has power and the ability to connect to zwift, rouevy etc
  7. Don’t know if you can still get them but there used be clip-ons that attached to the head stem.
  8. peteb

    Wurf watch

    Probably because individual pursuit hasn’t been Olympic event since 2008.
  9. Don’t know what the course is like but I read somewhere there 4500 starters. Even split in half that’s still a lot a people.
  10. There is nothing that opens early enough in Canberra for you to have a swim and be back at O’Connor by 6am
  11. The article I read said they failed the pre race check and the mechanics changed the bikes but they didn't get it right as they then failed the post race check.
  12. peteb

    Canberra Triathletes

    Actually the lake BG is not fine. It has been closed for blue-green algae and next weeks duathlon has been moved to Lake Ginenderra.
  13. Spot Anderson - BondiFit has quite a lot of swim squads at Prince Alfred Pool.
  14. My advice Is don’t. I ran them for a couple of years until I got sick of the mucking about. You need a lot of pressure to mount them, have to use Co2 or air compressor. Also there is not many tyre choices available. The Hutchisons I used wore quite quickly, nothing like the life of a conti. There is more choice now but still limited. If you run the liquid sealant to fix flats when riding then it gets very messy when you need to change the tyre. Also if you get a big hole out riding, then you need to put a tube in and that is a real pain. However they do have a great feel great to ri
  15. But did they do the following 13. SPECIAL RULES The Technical Delegate may approve the addition of special rules for a particular event, provided that: a. Participants are informed of each additional special rule before the event; and b. Each additional special rule and the reasons for its inclusion are advised to the TA National Manager Events before the day on which the event is to be conducted. If not then their special rule is not valid.
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