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  1. Yes the Brownlees were great, but this was a massive "A" race for them in their home town. Gomez had the fastest run at the end of the day. Will Gomez let them ride away without a fight in Rio? I don't think so, I will still tip Alistair, but do not write off Mr Gomez.
  2. grafton kid-405 (beer mile champion) FULL (fool) tex -1219 FULL (fool)
  3. tex

    Bike Shop for sale

    look up coffs harbour tri club, great bunch of people and great race location at the jetty.
  4. if you want to one up the gundy(hotw) crew they shouted our group a round of drinks after the race at the local pub. Cant buy better advertising than that. Really looking forward to the trip.
  5. at this time of year there are quite a few races to chose from, port 1/2, challenge forster, west sydney 1/2 just a few of them. With the cost of the challenge/ironman races maybe peoples budgets are not stretching enough. Me and my son will be at hervey bay to race after hearing from other club members(coffs harbour) of what a great race it is. word of mouth is what will keep the people coming, give me a good race in a good location well priced and I will be there before any 70.3
  6. Goodness me , a GPS watch that also tells the time. What next.
  7. My son was at the gold coast ITU event expo, got the 920 watch and speedfill out front bottle and mount for $450 cash. Took the deal and ran. I was at port Ironman and went into seers cycles told the salesman about this and he said he could get me the watch for $450. I should have grabbed the deal but did not have a need fot one at the time. So a small bike shop can price match an expo tent no questions asked, Why do we have to jump through hoops with the bigger stores (rebel,wiggle etc) Obviosly there is a massive mark up as seers bycicles would still be making some profit from the sale.
  8. First time I have seen spaghetti meat rare. For the price people are paying we should see something better.
  9. YES 1996, crossed the line and as they were putting the medal and towel around me I said get out of the way i'm getting a kiss from karen, that is the only thing that kept me going to the end.
  10. Well done Turtle, I still say you won the beer mile (female tranny)
  11. Annie's ice cream parlour, the PE teaching was run by my old soccer coach and was one of the best in the country,Bathurst wallabies tri club. indoor and outdoor pools. great place to live and the town loves the university. yes cold in winter but rarely snows in town
  12. never thought i would be cheering for liverpool, anything to stop chelsea and man city winning is a good thing though. Been waiting for liverpool to fall off the perch but they have played very well all season, hats of to the merseyside reds.
  13. most newer treadmills come with ifit or ifit compatible software which does this, I used it last year training for cairns, its good to get landmarks with.
  14. tex

    New Years weigh in.

    97.6, want to get down to 80 for port mac ironman. Hard times ahead.
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