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  1. AP

    Landis Interview

    I told you all it would all blow over - Lance is happily retired - still a millionaire - the Tour is still tainted and always will be - but it's good to watch 😎
  2. AP

    Ironman spain

    Respectable time 😎
  3. AP

    Is this a good deal?

    This is the voice of reason 😉
  4. AP

    Ironman France

    Mate you really have your finger on the pulse @peter 🍓
  5. AP

    Ironman Frankfurt

    I've already had a win this year - in February - Cairns was merely a bump in the highway 💖 I'm laid up atm - just had a biopsy on my prostate - won't know results until Wednesday - feel like I've been kicked up the bum by a policeman's boot (I do remember what that feels like) I grew up in an era of "hands on police work" 😏
  6. AP

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Neither of us are - I'm worried that Alistair may be concerned about the flea's opinions on his Kona debut 💖
  7. This is so real - anyone who has "raced an Ironman" will tell you - you can be running hard to the finish line and as soon as you cross that line it takes two people to hold you up - as you switch off "the driver" I imagine the whole boy's physiology reacts to that thought - we only have to look at how quickly the goosebumps cover your body when something scary comes up in a movie 😮 every thought you have affects the body
  8. Running a 2.40-2.50 marathon in Kona takes a special talent - almost a genetic predisposition to that sort of feat - not all have it or can get it 😏 over the years some very talented guys have tried and failed - it's easier to talk about it than it is to actually pull it off
  9. That is phrased a whole lot better - I feel a lot better now
  10. AP

    Picking up salt tablets

    Whatever they were I do run along looking for more of them 😏
  11. It is a shame but 46 finishes and 3 DNFs along the way I'm not too bothered - I race Ironman - I'm just not prepared to sit up waving to the crowd on the bike and then do a long walk - maybe I have a different set of standards - it is personal - we all do what pleases us 💖 I too will be surprised if Alistair podiums in Kona in his debut but he's got more than three months to prepare and he's already more than shown how professional his approach to triathlon is, and he'll be getting the best advice, you'll probably find he has quite a tan be time October rolls around 😎
  12. I hope that when Alistair reads all the comments on Transitions it doesn't put him off his Kona debut - there a lots of comments here that might have him unsure whether it's worth going over in October 😪
  13. I think if we did the stats we'd find that lawn bowls is far more dangerous 🙄 that's why I stay away from the bowls clubs - can't be too careful
  14. AP

    Picking up salt tablets

    When you're out of it - salt does that 😎
  15. I built a smoker last week - we cooked hot wings last night - they take a lot less time than the brisket
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