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  1. no it is not, its why i can rebuild raceface bb with new bearings. Just dont over tighten the crank bolt or you will enlarge the crank hole and it will sit in further.
  2. canuck13


    PJA I may have a set of reynolds forks lying around with a 1" stem if you can wait for a week until I get back for Melbourne. Let me know
  3. or if you have park cable cutters, they have a little notch behind the pivot point for crimping cable ends.............
  4. i'm with Donncha on this, parenting isn't about having both a penis and a vagina. Afterall how many succesful hetero single parents are out there........ And there are gay couples who have used a willing donor to become successful parents. To insinuate gay couples make bad parents is crap. oh yeah dont agree with what this couple has done, but they are no different from all the others who have worked the system to their advantage oh yeah.......i am not as eloquent as GJ
  5. canuck was refering to the indexed shifting on barends...... canuck doesnt use a road setup persay and the conversation was about barends so wasnt even thinking about roadies......
  6. yeah, atleast you use to be able to. You just have to pull em apart and re-orientate the bits inside. Will see if I can dig something out.
  7. alternative is to set up the shifters for friction shifting and not index, will let you run your nine speed stuff with 8 speed shifters.
  8. are you looking for a tri specific bike frame or a road frame with tri-bars?
  9. greasing also stops the cups and shell from corrosion and then seizing to gether to the point you need to cut the cup out.
  10. Standard shifter cables, inners and outers
  11. canuck13


    fwiw, the speedplay cleats are rebuildable for about a 1/3 of the price for new cleats. Use a dry lube on them to aid getting in and out and also dont forget to regularly lube the pedal it self. My original pair are still going strong after 9 years, tho the plates on the pedal and the bearings have been swapped out a couple of times now. As far as gettting in and out, just stand on them and twist your foot a little to drop them in. Keep the springs clear of shite and they will be good.
  12. i with the slowman. Havent played with campy stuff so this may not be applicable, but the bearings are not 'sealled' bearings check the cones are tightened down correctly.
  13. i use a parktool gauge and replace after .75% 'stretch'. You could push it out to 1%, but chains are cheaper than rings and cogs.
  14. Hey AZed, that is what i had to do to get diagnosed with it. I was put on a stationary bike and my breathing volumes/rates measured for 15 minutes in 'normal'. I was then given a shot of dilator and 20 minutes later repeated the test. Had an 18% increase in the breathing volumes/rate (what every it was they measured). apparently if you are non-ashmatic, the rate doesnt change statistically.
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