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  1. Yeah it’s as if they are saying “you got an award for your tennis, now you are getting an upgrade for being a bigot “
  2. Its nice, but its not $19,000 nice!
  3. And more so for the athletes in sports where the olympics is really their only time to shine on a major stage.
  4. roxii


    Still cheaper than shutting down the economy though. I'm not sure if they still do it but they used to be able to de register your cars and cancel your license if you defaulted on other state govt. fines. So some might be in for a shock.
  5. roxii


    I was gunna say "because our Premier isn't a dick" but there is probably more to it than that.
  6. Effing goat track. Makes Roubaix look like hotmix.
  7. Any more than budgies back then and you were overthinking it.
  8. I think the "infected flights" came from the US.
  9. Target marketing, most pro triathletes don't earn enough to live in a proper house?
  10. roxii


    Obscure attempt at a joke. The W.H.O living up to their name as in WHO? as they seem to be missing in action. *crickets*
  11. Is Actives a transaction fee, or do they charge a "processing fee" for the admin?
  12. roxii


    Nominative Determinism WHO?
  13. I was planning on taking the Mrs over there for a swim over the Christmas break..... but then COVID
  14. Speedfill are probably who you are thinking of. https://speedfil.com/hydration-systems/f1
  15. Swim at Cronulla (Shark Island) most Friday nights. Not racing any more but when I did I always used to do some open water swimming during the season. If you head out to the Shire let me know and I will meet you for a splash.
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