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  1. roxii

    Dating online

    Close, it was a pink top and these pumps and a curly mullet, mates used to call me Rob Brough Now there's an image for your brain.
  2. roxii

    Dating online

    Yeah This Is Serious Mum. The thought was they hid their identities because they were all school teachers and their material was pretty risqué. And it also seemed they only toured outside Melbourne in school holidays
  3. roxii


    Yep and now you hear stories of people cancelling appointments due to the AZ scare, why not have an online list of people prepared to step up and take appointments at short notice. At the moment we are just wasting time and opportunities. I was supposed to head back and see my dad last Christmas, but was prepared to hold off 12 months, now it looks like this Christmas is off the cards too.
  4. roxii

    Dating online

    One of the guys from TISM, or the instructor? Loved TISM, saw them at Big Day Out 1994 ish
  5. I was using WD40 brand chain lube cause it smelled nice.
  6. roxii

    Dating online

    Thankfully long before everyone had cameras all the time. No, was partial to a Reebok hi-top pump and slouch sock though. It was around the time when the girls were wearing the g-string leotard on the outside of the tights. (I wasn't )
  7. My parents took me to Woomera a few times as a kid. One word. Don't!
  8. roxii


    Its a bit of all of the above, plus confusion about fed/ state responsibilities, indemnity as AJ has said, backing the wrong horse, not getting local supplies moving quickly enough, not having the infrastructure and training ready in advance just a total cluster fluff. As people have said, Feds don't/ can't do "delivery".
  9. roxii


    Someone on the radio had an interesting take on it this morning, something that I tend to agree with. Australia has got to this point through the sacrifice of the general public and at the expense of many vulnerable people and small businesses, and now by not getting the vaccination rollout moving quickly and efficiently they are not repaying that sacrifice.
  10. roxii

    Dating online

    The other thing was that there was a preconception that if you could teach funk you must be gay. So it was amazing the stuff girls would say and do around me or with me at the gym, then see the surprised looks on their faces when they saw me in nightclubs pissed with my bogan soccer mates.
  11. roxii

    Dating online

    no, but did know a few of them "back in the day"
  12. roxii

    Dating online

    C'mon, a white straight guy who can dance. We were in short supply.
  13. roxii


    Oh mate, I’m so sorry to hear that. My sincere condolences. My mum passed in Feb 2016 but we had been there in January and I was also able to hop on a flight next day and get there for the funerals. These things we take for granted and that others may not even consider can have a long and substation impact on people. Again condolences mate.
  14. roxii

    Dating online

    Haha very similar here, except I was teaching cardio funk, our function was a valentines nite out for the singles, we have been together 27 years and married 24
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