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  1. roxii


    I get that, but I'm not allowed to speculate as I'm not from Vic But yeah if NSW was being run like that I wouldn't be happy (regardless of political persuasion) Ironically my feeling is that Gladys' reasonable handling of Covid has potentially shielded her from a potential knifing by her own party on the back of ICAC, in any other time I reckon they would have been lining up for her job.
  2. roxii


    Maybe he is popular because he is popular!! Maybe some (60%) like what he is doing.
  3. roxii


    You cant have it both ways, in the Trump thread you said populism was the basis of democracy. If Dan's still popular surely it shows democracy is working.
  4. Awesome stuff mate. Ill get a message to Unicomb and see if he has anything. Was just in touch with him last week.
  5. roxii

    Wurf watch

    What is a Kona win worth in $$ and at what chance, maybe he has weighed it up and prefers to feed his family rather than his ego.
  6. Or are they just cheering because he is leaving
  7. Stop making excuses, a real triathlete will find a way.
  8. roxii


    Me too. I stated about 120 pages ago that I came back from Qld in late January with a shocking flu, had me off works for a few days. Caught it from an acquaintance that was staying at the same place we were with rellos. Wouldn't have thought much of it except that he worked at the international airport in Sydney in a direct customer facing role.
  9. roxii

    Modern Mothers

    Im sure we are all a bit the same, at my work we are all "long termers" we have gone from gushing about our newborns to now all complaining about our teenagers.
  10. roxii


    Good work today Victorians. Hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
  11. I had a boradman CX bike for a while, I commuted on it a few times. Was the sweet spot for my commute I reckon, fast enough if you need to go fast, but durable enough with some decent tyres that you can take short cuts on dirt or grass, can go up and down gutters if you need to get around traffic or evade danger, also a lot of fun to ride on the weekend.
  12. roxii


    Seems globally no one really has any other options than lock down or no lock down, the only difference is the threshold for doing it. Bloody hell what a mess.
  13. I think if Gladys had of simply dumped him personally when she dumped him professionally this would all be a lot simpler for her.
  14. roxii


    The other thing that is annoying in Sydney is that joe average cops the brunt of all the infection messaging, yet most if not all of the last few "outbreaks" have occurred from medical facilities. The latest is two GP's from the same practice who have contracted it then passed it on. FFS!
  15. roxii


    There is some serious inequality in how crowd numbers are being set. The Everest horse race is allowing 14,000 spectators, the NRL grand final is set to have 40,000 yet Bathurst can only have 4,000 spread around a 6km track. WTF??
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