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  1. By chance found this one with some guy called Tinley....you may have heard of him....loved it Here’s an episode for you… Chelsea and Eric Show - Scott Tinley episode of Beyond
  2. Shrek

    Dating online

    I kept crossing paths with this cute blonde mountain biker at races and out on training rides....by chance... We became friends... We became partners... Almost 4 years on....we go ok as a couple 🤔🤣😁😎 True story...
  3. Those on here who know me....like roxxi etc have bit of an idea of what role my better half has....commissioner of ambulance nsw By fruitious chance she was NOT on call that night and didn't have to attend the scene I feel for the families and the emergency crews that did...😒
  4. Somehow managed to turn it around Ok Last official day today with one place Start new place Tuesday...only 6 month role at this stage although foot in the door with major national company... Now which new bike do i get with the payout 🤔🤣 Bearing in mind last new bike i got the better half liked it so much she went and got same bike 🤣🙈
  5. https://www.portnews.com.au/story/7180981/ironman-australia-event-organisers-to-consider-all-options/
  6. Shrek

    NZ Ironman

    Unfortunate...always had a soft spot for Cam given we are same age and what he's achieved and he's always one to share his time and wisdom.. Not supporting rules to be changed although as you mentioned surely a penalty would have sufficed given he wasn't on the podium oh and literally as i type this look what i get....
  7. Let alone guys with bucket hats shocking beards and 80s sunglasses 🤔🙄🤣
  8. Yeah not disagreeing with you Sometimes coaches/athletes have a one off session approach to go 'nude' geek free
  9. Fun day at work on Friday 🤔🙄 Made redundant after 18 months at Downer Group Know i was making large improvements in the processes and team i managed and the customer satisfaction had increased massively But it is what it is 1st time redundant was almost 3 years ago and fell into a bit of a mental slump which didn't see happening till afterwards Know to be aware of it and have other thoughts in place as far as approach
  10. If a coach or leader cant explain their theories....🤔🤷‍♂️
  11. Shrek

    New bike day

    I got a Lev SI fitted on mine few months ago...about $450 fitted
  12. Has it ever gone fast ?
  13. So true...regardless of where see him...out training...coffee shop or local bunnings he always has time for a catch up chat
  14. Shrek

    New bike day

    Not matchy matchy like ours 🤔🤣
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