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  1. 40km of dirt together to a lookout that overlooks Lake Burragorang got pretty hot on the way back Wonderful to see all the regrowth after the area was decimated in the bushfires a year ago
  2. Rog Know you're only a bit shorter than me from memory...im on a large spark If you get the medium and its too small give to the wife and you shop again 😁🤣🤷‍♂️
  3. Today's office...5 hrs / 57km of dirt...way unfit...bit a smashed crab now🤣🙈
  4. This just came out of the oven
  5. This exactly.... When we go out to a local restaurant and have a great experience in terms of food and service...i will come home and post a positive review on their FB page Same as the locsl plumber..Know Flow Plumbing...been here several times always provides good service and hence I have provided feedback on his page On the flip side get not so good service somewhere i will leave constructive feedback accordingly
  6. The better half still laments how the 4mm went missing from her set probably the day her sister and i built her furniture whilst she was at work... It may have accidentally ended up in the rubbish pile 🤷‍♂️🤣
  7. Boxing Day Spin! New Helmet day thanks Santa ! Hitting Clare's end of year goal of Faulco Point loop by year end as part of her recovery !
  8. Very tempted mate....just for my love of tri spokes Hope you're well Geez 16 odd years since we were at Canberra half
  9. Back on dirt together again... 5 months after she snapped her Achilles...we got to spin 10km of undulating fire trail....big difference from our usual 80km long days... She's still got a way to go strength and walking normally...although this was great on Saturday
  10. We got lucky on the weekend...had been looking for one for 13 year old for ages....finally one in stock Saturday morning.... We weren't sure she'd like the idea so consulted her on the Christmas surprise.. Her first dually
  11. We found the thule ones were scratching the frames and crimping gear cables So swapped to what slowman is showing Prefer them much better
  12. Nah mate...still here...we've known each other for 20 years and yeah IM is past us both...although coffee ...a paddle or a spin on the MTB and chat is overdue...
  13. Shrek

    Nepean Triathlon

    It used to be hard also....back in 1990 my first tri 🤣🤣
  14. Dropped into a place called Wonderland....4.5hrs of technical single track fun
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