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  1. Made a massive difference to the experience - huge thumbs up from me. Biggest thing I noticed was that there was no agro. Because everyone didn't start the race by getting kicked or punched in the throat, everyone was happy and courteous. No push and shove around the buoys. 1 lap swim was also much better, and for a shitty swimmer like me the weir crossing was a welcome distraction.
  2. Greg Johnson - #521 Was planning on sub-10 a week ago, but a strained/torn calf muscle 10 days out has me dubious. In shitty swim form, strong bike form and was in cracking run form. Disappointing really, however bigger things in life than this IM caper. Will still shoot for sub 10 with a stronger bike and slower run but there is a good chance of a DNF - will all depend on whether the calf holds up long enough.
  3. I'm racing at Port Macquarie in 2 weeks. Original plan for accommodation has fallen through, will be travelling solo. Not fussy, just after somewhere clean to crash - anyone have any recommendations? Wotif shows "T's Tennis Resort" with cheap rooms at $90/night and just 2km from the start line. Any suggestions welcome! GJ.
  4. YTD training totals only tell a small part of the story - much more important is the base that came beforehand. However, for me: Swim: about 4 or 5 swims - clearly nowhere near enough Bike: 4600km - so plenty Run: 240km - sounds light on, but it has been very specific - just one long run per week for the most part Looking forward to IM in 2 weeks... I suspect the day will start badly (the swim), but get better from there...
  5. GJ

    Back into IM

    Hi all, Been many years since I was actively involved in either triathlon or Transitions, but stupidly I allowed PeePee to convince me to race IM again and will be at the start line for Port in ~7 weeks. Good to see the Trannies community still going strong and looking forward to catching up with old mates at Port. I've been biking lots over the last six months and found a bit of form and my running is also solid. My swimming still sucks, but hoping to have a good race. Keen to know who of the old crew is going up for Port - I searched for a roll call but didn't spot one. For
  6. Rog, yep coming out of retirement and will be doing Port with Andrew. Andrew is asking for advice, but the reality is I've seen him go from fat boy to lean in a remarkably short period of time... Never met anyone who could drop the weight as quickly as Andrew. I will have to enjoy spanking him on the bike and run before he overtakes me when the training starts to take effect. As Andrew kindly mentions, my swimming sucks so that is what I will need to work on so I'm not swimming 75 mins... An interesting parallel discussion in this thread may be the balance between volume and inte
  7. GJ

    Elite Energy

    All, Lots of bitching when things are not done right, thought I should point out the exemplary service from Elite Energy. I entered the Forster Ultimate in October, but unfortunately the world has conspired against me and I can no longer race. I emailed EE today to ask them if they could process a refund. Their refund policy states that I'm only entitled to a 50% refund - however given it is still quite a way off the race they volunteered to refund all except for a small admin fee. I'm hugely impressed and it is this sort of service and attitude that will have me looking for any
  8. Yep, captive market with no competition. But not a market in which there is artificially no competition. It's not like a protected market - as you point out, anyone is free to set up a triathlon, even on the hallowed Forster course. WTC make money out of putting on triathlons. So what? They make quite a bit of money? How is this judged - in raw dollars or as a return on the capital invested? Telstra makes lots of money, but aren't necessarily a business people are clamouring to buy stock in because the actual return against the capital employed is average. Sure $300 is a bit over
  9. GJ

    TDF10 - Stage 9

    Awesome racing, sad to see Cadel get dropped... Good stage for me in the tipping comp - with Cassar on my team as well as Sammy Sanchez who if I've got the numbers right could be as high as third place after tonight...
  10. GJ

    TDF10 Tipping Comp

    Haven't been on Transitions in months, but Le Tour has me back... Improbably Performance is locked in and whilst there's a bit of risk in the riders I've chosen, I'm just shooting to see if for once I can beat Benjo... Hope everyone is well...
  11. I've got a neck / thoracic spine issue that's been ongoing for quite some time. Been to physio, some help but just isn't getting better, now I'm regularly taking ibuprofen to manage the pain and need to get this sorted out. Looking for a recommendation for a chiro - preferably Sydney CBD or north shore of Sydney. CBD preferable as it means I can go along during my work day which makes life easier. Thanks, GJ.
  12. agree - Mank's post did make me chuckle, and I think there is a fair grain of truth in his comments about overcompensation... However, $1,250 for 3 and a half days and you think that's expensive? Are you kidding me?? Guys at the top of their game - in any other industry we'd pay a shedload more for that, esp when you consider how little of the $1,250 actually will end up in their pockets... Personally, I've got 50 things I should do before I go race again that are obvious (training for example), and I don't really need much advice at this point, but if I was in good shape and tar
  13. Pedro's tyre levers - best levers I've ever used. In the past I thought Michelins were the best, only problem is they have a sharp corner and can snag a tube, and for a really tight tyre, the Pedro's are stronger. I'm so sad I even wrote a review some time back: Pedro's Review
  14. If you're a little further north then the go is definitely down Kissing Pt Road in Turramurra, M2, Epping Rd bike path and on through to the city. If you're going to be in Lindfield the most direct route is definitely going to be up the highway. Whilst lots of people have issues with it, I rode the highway for about 7 years with little issue. If you're coming from Lindfield, you could skip up the highway to Chatswood, then jump on the gore hill bike path, and roll through from there. On the way home, it's a little harder, however there are actually quite a few bike paths up through nort
  15. Two options for this post: - it's a troll post, and I'm pretty sure of it - if not a troll post then someone dreaming about something and pretending they're doing it to imagine the experience. - if not the above, then Giiiiiiiii is about as thick as they come... I can't believe anyone would seriously consider riding 200km a day in budgie smugglers, thus he's either stupid or it's a bit of trolling fun... Have to say, one upside is I finally read a post from Chuckie that was vaguely worth reading. Chuckie, I've always thought you were a dickhead, but got to say after a few of your posts
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