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  1. MattS


    I was heading west for Cape to Cape. Maybe next year!
  2. MattS


    I'm sure it has more to do with politics than we give credit to. SA & NSW both liberal governments and obviously Fed as well. I'm sure there's a bit of pressure from above. At least the Labour premiers can tell Scomo to jam it. I suspect if WA was Liberal the SA/WA border would also be open. Now that SA has opened up to NSW it will be even longer before WA opens up. I'd prefer to see NSW have a longer period of zero transmission before we opened the border but its done now. Hopefully they've got it right.
  3. Can I ask what shop? Street name will do, I'll work it out!
  4. Shame, thought they were OK, I'll steer clear now.
  5. Which part of the BMC frame bent mate? Was it the same issue with both frames?
  6. MattS


    I wouldn't get too excited about Singapore, they've just reported their highest single day growth in new cases.
  7. MattS


    Unfortunately the problem relates to the minority of cases not the majority. The problem is that our health care system will not cope with an exponential growth in infection rates (which is what is happening). Just say that 10% of our population was infected (which wouldn't take long when growing exponentially), and 10% of them require intensive care treatment, that's over 200,000 people. We have less than 2000 intensive care beds in all our hospitals combined, which are about 2/3 full on average. Take a look at Italy, they're deciding who to treat and who to let die. We don't want it to
  8. Thanks for the info. The super technical bits don't sound fun. Do you use clip in pedals or flats? I started MTBing with clip ins but find I can't get my foot out quick enough in technical bits so started using flats which i do prefer, but not sure how they'll be for long/steep climbs.
  9. So I've entered Cape to Cape 2020. Has anyone done it? Any advice for an ex-triathlete with average MTB skills? I'm not really worried about the fitness part, more so the technical parts of the course. Is there much to worry about? Cheers!
  10. MattS

    New bike day

    Mate can I ask what sort of $$ you shelled out for the bike off the rack? Where does the frame sit on the BMC hierachy?
  11. I wonder if Mack would have got on the podium if he had won? Don't get me wrong i admire his stance, but it looks like a bit of a sooky sooky la la because he came second.
  12. Pretty sure Rohan Dennis was an elite junior swimmer before he turned to cycling through a talent id type thing.
  13. I've got discs on my roadie. I will never go back to rim brakes. They work well in the wet and i find myself generally braking later when it's dry. They've never locked up either. I've replaced the rear pads twice in about 15000km. No need to worry about deterioration of the braking surface either. It won't be an option soon anyway.
  14. I sit opposite the world's noisiest eater. If you listen carefully I'm sure you could hear him from interstate when he rips the shit out of an apple. I don't know how he does it, I couldn't make that much noise if i tried. He also smacks his lips together when he eats and more often than not talks with food in his mouth. It's farken disgusting, my kids have better eating habits. He's also a fat fcuker (I'm talking 20kg+ overweight) and eats way too much processed crap (mostly in annoyingly noisy plastic wrappers) and pretty much has a soft drink every day. He is also a serial interr
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