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  1. gugirlgu

    Canberra Half

    Sitting here in my loungeroom in Canberra it's grey skies with some showers and the odd heavy (short) downpour. It wouldn't be good on the bike but the run shouldn't be a problem.
  2. Rydges would probably be the closest.
  3. gugirlgu

    Running socks

    Another vote for x socks. They are super comfy and wear really well. Total value for the bucks.
  4. Found out about this site last week, it's pretty addictive. The 3D version is cool.
  5. I love my Imprezza hatch, takes all my stuff and the AWD is a treat. I also moved up from the old volvo....Is that why my subi seems so good? On a side note........ Is there something about AWD and tyre endurance?? My first set of tyres got me through 83,000 km's....and NO, I don't drive like a nana!!! Vrrooooooommmmmmm................
  6. Huge thanks for running this comp. Enterered at the last minute. Was loads of fun even managed to jag a prize.....Megathanks!!!!
  7. We left Lance behind and moved into a new era...... Has such a young rider ever had a chance at winning the TDF?? Has a team ever had more than one rider on the podium? Lead alone multiples in the top ten? Personally I hope they can't/don't pull it off. I hope the cyclists or some stray dog intervene... I would really like to see Cadel and Co ATTACK!!!
  8. So TACT has taken on board the re running of the Aust Champs (pretty game of them). Who's coming.....your chance to get back at the 'Pasher'??? Be warned...Newcastle was tough but this is worse! Be prepared to suffer! All that aside..a great test of your 'metal'.......
  9. gugirlgu

    Email Cadel??

    As per the title, anyone with a link to send an email message to Cadel?? Or is it on here already?
  10. I would guess protein is the key, as already mentioned. It can also help to get a few different sources of it in your recovery meal - meat, nuts, dairy etc. Otherwise maybe you should talk to yoyo's mate!??
  11. gugirlgu

    yoyo's missus

    With those legs you'd think 'she' should be in the big ring!!
  12. He hurts tooooooooo much to be doubted as being unclean, he can't accelerate a multitude of times over terrain that is off the scale (as far as most aussies are concerned).... He has "hung on like a blue healer" (excuse the colloquialism), he can't go with them but he has fought and sustained his efforts. What more could we ask for???? If he wins....maybe we should be ashamed for not being more supportive.... Go you good thing!!
  13. gugirlgu

    TDF stage 8

    Woke up to the worst news this morning, could not believe it........... so many chances and now... ??? Apparently the problem was due to tyre delamination......
  14. gugirlgu


    So validation time is the same as race cut off time??
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