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  1. Great work and very respectful. Thanks
  2. 💪💪💪 NSF
  3. I had this exact experience. I did knock on the door though, and they simply denied having it. What more could I do? I was sh1tting myself at the time though. I simply had the phone disabled so it was useless to anyone. Cost us another grand though 😡😡
  4. I might jinx myself here, but I have never really had any problem with delivery times from either Wiggle or Kogan.
  5. He is tough, but he ain’t Chuck Norris 🤣🤣
  6. Yeah, that’s my experience (softer) but I also like the feel of them a bit better. Everyone is different though. NSF
  7. I moved from Bondi to Clifton a while again and I can’t see me going back NSF
  8. Dick Smith believe it or not has some good prices. NSF
  9. I have a sports bet account but I only use it once a week ($5 multi) to punt on the Knights in the NRL. Makes watching it a bit more interesting. I usually bet the $5 on 3 anytime try scorers. Amazingly I have done ok with this system. A few times a year I might have a punt on a horse if given a “reliable” tip, but only $10. Funny thing is this almost always loses 🤣 Definitely not a problem for me NSF
  10. I would be keen to throw some bucks in too if needed. NSF
  11. This is spot on Ayto and the reason why I asked this question. Thanks NSF
  12. Thanks all for your comments. Lots of great stuff in here. I would love to also hear from those on here that are newer to the sport if they would like to share. Cheers NSF
  13. Fellow Tranny’s, I know this may have been done before, but a lot has changed in last 2 years. What would you consider to be the top 3 most important things a race should provide to make it a great experience? I ask in terms of tangibles (medals, shirts, towels, port-a-loos, correct distances etc) not things outside a RD’s control (drafting from a TO interpretation etc). When responding keep in mind that almost all things have associated costs that may impact entry fees. Basically if you would not be prepared to pay more (in the event your suggestion costs more) don’t mention it
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