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  1. Too cryptic for me to understand. What is the issue? Link took me to Rick Astley? NSF
  2. This has been quiet a good discussion. Not sure why the last comment was needed?? NSF
  3. Great report and race as usual. Well done and keep em coming NSF
  4. Thanks Peter, that explains my mate being off the pace.
  5. Any idea of what conditions are like? NSF
  6. Thanks all. Great advice. Appreciate it NSF
  7. Hi All, Thinking about replacing the laptop as it is getting very slow and webcam not working too well. It will not be used for work, only stuff for home. MS suite (nothing complex), Zoom, Internet browsing, email etc with some YouTube. It will not travel a lot as I usually use an iPad for that. I have had a look online and it is only confusing me more. I don’t want to pay for features I do not need. Most of my important stuff (photos etc) stored on an external drive. Can anyone offer any advise as to what I “need” in terms of features? Happy to pay for what I need, bu
  8. Thanks for clarification 👍🏼
  9. Maybe not looking correctly, but no Chloe on tracker?
  10. Thanks mate. This fixed it. Cheers NSF
  11. Notsofast

    Strava Help

    Hi all, Basically overnight I can’t see any maps on my Strava. I am just getting the grey screen with what looks like contour lines (default I am guessing as they all the same). I have logged out and back in, location services are on and I can’t find anything on google. Can anyone suggest what may be wrong? Maybe it’s something to do with new subscription service which I do not pay? Thanks in advance. NSF
  12. I can vouch for this. The first episode isn’t real great (great stories but I thought the bloke ie Jubeins partner, came accross as a bit of a dick). The rest is very good. NSF
  13. I agree. The Bray brothers were well ahead of their time. NSF
  14. Thats awesome Jon. How did this strategy play out on the day? Did calm mean fast? Cheers NSF
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