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  1. We are with Westpac and found them great when lodging a claim after a bike crash. NSF
  2. Anyone close enough to Pottsville to know what the creek and roads are like? Thanks NSF
  3. On FB they said we should be all good. They will get us all in water ASAP before the muddy water returns with outgoing tide. I suppose they are waiting to see what happens too. NSF
  4. Insane. I am sure Vlad would have got it right.
  5. You get a trial period with Sufferfest
  6. What a sensational looking bike
  7. Who cares what it rides like, it’s looks great 😂 NSF
  8. It’s my home town too and I ride those roads. Glad I wasn’t, or anyone for that matter, riding that day.
  9. Too cryptic for me to understand. What is the issue? Link took me to Rick Astley? NSF
  10. This has been quiet a good discussion. Not sure why the last comment was needed?? NSF
  11. Great report and race as usual. Well done and keep em coming NSF
  12. Thanks Peter, that explains my mate being off the pace.
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