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  1. I reckon a hill has to constitute the small chain ring and/or sub 20km/h. e.g. olivers hill/hopes rise, two bays rd, old white hill rd. where it becomes shaky is where there are more than one - e.g. a set of hills may not actually consist of any one particular 'hill', but just a series of ascents and descents e.g. the hills in mt eliza (excepting oliver's hill)
  2. Just to clarify here, giant hampton are lending one of their customers (he bought a bike from them and he hangs out with giant sponsored athletes at a store owned by the distributor, i'd say he's their customer) a bike after his was written off? While a nice thing to do, I don't think that it's really all that above and beyond. Pretty standard nowadays at the big shops. I wonder what will happen after the race when he tries to walk the bike back in and say he's put down a deposit on a shiv?
  3. fins in the swim, cancelara motor in the ride, and cut as many laps as your conscience allows out of the run (just run from transition straight to the finish chute)
  4. keep going with the routines, maybe jump on a wobble board or a bosu. If problems persist see your doctor
  5. shameless I know, but I have a park tools double work stand for sale at the moment. Downside is it's not foldable and has a really heavy and sturdy base for heavy work. If you want a professional level stand and you are in Melbourne pm me.
  6. I've been offered a job, so i'm pretty happy. I'm not sad about BikeHound closing. I gave it a go, I won't die wondering.
  7. Hi Guys, My little venture has run it's course. I'll be closing the BikeHound workshop and bike fitting studio down as of the 2nd of February. As such, I have a great heap of stuff I want to offload. Initially I won't be shipping anything interstate, but once we are closed up I will post a full list of what's left for your viewing pleasure. a brief example of what's here - I have about 100 saddles of various makes and models, including ISM, SMP, prologo, san marco etc. some of them have been used, some of them have been test ridden, most are new, all are in great condition. Var
  8. Unfortunately I have some sad news. The BikeHound workshop and Bike Fitting studio is closing. The final day will be Saturday the second of February (next saturday). As such I have great deals on everything in the shop! Saddles, tyres, handlebar tape, handlebars, seat posts, even tools and various group set parts (mostly sram, force and rival). You name it, I probably have it and am looking to offload it at great prices. Here are a couple of examples; Polar insulated water bottles - $10 each various head stems - $30 each Zipp 404 clinchers (aluminium braking strip) for campagno
  9. the NEW ultegra 11spd mechanical feels very similar to the di2. I don't think it's a worthwhile upgrade, but it's your hard earned. very light shifting action front and rear, there is cable stretch but after a couple of weeks that is all good so not an issue. if we are talking 10spd, then the di2 is a marked improvement on the mechanical.
  10. blair

    Sunnies (riding)

    why not wear a pair of ray ban aviators? if you want something to give you full on protection, they are pretty full on. Otherwise have a look at the glasses garmin is sponsored by - ryder hesjedal wore them at last years tour. They look like street wear but they aren't. Can't remember the brand, sorry.
  11. DCRainmaker did. He said it was close enough. But for more in depth numbers the other (morte expensive) options are better.
  12. Stages' research says that as the intensity goes up the output between the legs becomes more even. So while it may be 55:45 while riding at 30km/h, they are saying that at 45km/h is is pretty much even.
  13. the weight in the bike is dead weight, as is your flubber. If you are a lean-ish 80kg then 3kg of bike will make a difference. If you are not so lean then it won't matter.
  14. There is more negative press about the garmin vectors than the stages models, which immediately put it out of the picture.
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