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  1. D Train

    Kona 2012

    conor ... boom tish ....
  2. That is an awesome interview - I will stop typing before my man love for Crowie breaks out ....
  3. This is one of those rare threads where nearly everyone is right .... And wrong ... Kailua-Kona hosts 3 big sporting events each year ... - Queen Lilio. Outrigger canoe race - The bill fishing competition - IM. Not sure how the relative economic benefits stack up but getting accommodation in town if you accidentally show up on one of these weekends is tough ...
  4. Hi Team, posted up in Pymble for another day or so before heading back to Macau - any tips on a shop with a good range of Asics north of the harbour? Near Chatswood would be good Cheers D
  5. seems close to France now ... how is the completion of a lap defined? ... both feet on dry sand? go go go you good thing
  6. D Train

    TDF11 - Stage 20

    what a line .."I hope the sun is out" !!!
  7. D Train

    TDF11 - Stage 20

    3rd time check - 2 sec down on Martin WOO HOO go you good thing Cadel
  8. D Train

    TDF11 - Stage 20

    cmon cmon cmon cmon
  9. D Train

    Ironman Korea

    I'm in - Race # 384
  10. D Train

    Ironman Korea

    I took a guess that you were not the wrestling dude Tristan on FB ..... but 2700+ friends on facebook .... you about too much dude !!! Friend request sent ....
  11. D Train

    Ironman Korea

    I land Thursday but won't get to the race area until 7pm or later so will do rego on Friday - I am staying at the Corea Hotel. This is what I get for China being cancelled ... woo-hoo !!! Cheers Derek
  12. Quack has got it cracked .... I knew there would have to be a better way of doing it. Cheers D.
  13. The best stuff that I have found for me nutrition wise is Endura / Opti .... and seeing the way that the IM crew have managed to arrange the swim I am not real confident about the way they will do the aid stations .... But good point ... an option would be to take powder and restock the profile with water from the aid stations ... maybe that is where the H20 from the swim is being used .... D.
  14. Hi All ... After getting an adamo saddle fitted last week I did not transfer my x-lab saddlewing over - and have been enjoying what appears to be better handling / road feel on the P3. Only issue - carrying the 4 bottles I want to carry in (IM - swim) China. I have a aero bar mounted profile bottle and 1 bottle on the frame mounted cage ...... Do the newer x-lab products provide any improvement over the saddlewing - or should I just HTFU and bolt the saddlewing back on? Last weekends ride with carrying 2 bottles in the bike jersey pockets worked OK - but that would req
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