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  1. 26:28 mins into 1985 video..... is this Ken Baggs on left ? - as Puntos twins come in off their bikes in transistion -
  2. Paul is right , the first year of the legacy - 2012 - they took the first 100 with the most IM , I had the most of all the first year - 28 BC
  3. Monday Night, will turn into Monday afternoon and we will but utilising the existing space around Rydges and Beach House to put on a more relaxed awards and after party function with plenty of food options and plenty of chances to mingle and celebrate with fellow competitors and hopefully revisit that finish line moment from the day before. As Roxii said - Monday night - wot after 3.00pm beer mile ??
  4. Rog, There was a batch of the brake levers that would leak - non servicable items - swap out under warrantry . This was on my Shiv couple of years ago. BC
  5. check this article 5IM in 5 days woooooh click Hi Flanman , yep back in the saddle soon. I am over in Perth , timing the World Masters Athletic Games ......35 to 90 year olds.... I am getting my ironmojo back.... BC
  6. Andrew made the mistake of doing 5 Ironmans in a row - then had the Saturday resting --- came out on Sunday for The Ironman .... and his body didn;'t want to know about. I suggested to Andrew pre event to do all 6 ironmans in a row. Being an official in the Westfield Sydney to Melb run 1983 to 1990 , I saw what days of endurance running does to bodies and minds, and support crews ( and officials ) BC
  7. results are up https://secure.tiktok.biz/results/PMOZBEERMILE/2016 we had some contestants wearing timing tags above their knee... some contestants being carried over timing mats - so some no reads from some. The majority all ok. results are in overall only BC
  8. Jimbo , enter a space in the search text box and press "Go" BC
  9. we have 6 online entries as at 11.54am AEST Thurs 28th April. just think it is part of Ironman check in for today and tomorrow. BC
  10. The Timing Guys will be timing the Beer Mile again. Online entry link is here click me no fees - please register Check whooose in click me Results will be here click me BC
  11. 11th NZ ironman is free entry. It was always my dream to get the double free 15 IMOZ and 10 IMNZ ( This originally told to me by my Ironman sister - Christine Ashcroft ....waaaayy back in time ) I got in the first year of Legacy IM 2012 with 29 IM , looked like it caught alot of serial tragics IM'ers out , now they all up and running again to qualify. BC
  12. 36 last couple of years been getting slower......... Only time I swim all year is 3.8 km swim at Lake Taupo , then a 3.8km swim at Port Macquarie... Looking at getting fit for 2016 for my 2 IM - NZ and Port , new age group for Port . I love my lastest bike Shiv - erlay , I have been Ret - tooled and fit is very comfy and aero - thanks Matt. BC
  13. results are here click me displays splits of laps and beer drinking. timing mats where before the finish line were cape man was behind Jason Limbert. race directors are the official 'preen' adjudicators on the finish - denoted white line. BC
  14. 15 entries at present , come on you late lot - enter . Less work for Mrs BibChris ( June ) on late entries. She had to wait around till I finished last night 16:44, big day...... click here and enter Bc
  15. 11 entries at present Please do your entry click her
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