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  1. Yeah. The pattern is I make a post, you are first to make opposing post, IJ likes your post. IJ also opposes my post then you like IJs post. Only thing missing is the laughing emoji you normally put on my posts.
  2. You see the pattern. Not a nice place to be after all these years. Sad.
  3. They didn't find any drugs in the apartment and the cops burst in without any warning to the couple sleeping inside. The man, who they were trying to find, was not part of Breonna Taylor's life anymore. Breonna's boyfriend fired in self defence, not knowing it was the police who had busted down the door. The victim was an emergency room technician.
  4. Confirmed. Went into cardiac arrest in a hotel lobby. Brett Lee was with him and tried to revive him.
  5. There's nothing easy about getting to Spencer St Station from Tulla 😳
  6. I'm of the opinion that the biggest factor in the rise of mental health issues is that people are spending more time on their devices - not the threat of the virus itself. I really worry about our current generation of students who will be spending more time on line than any other generation, with blended learning and the switch from print to digital forms of information. Social media used to be a place for them to clown around and goof off, now they spend all their time with their heads in a computer learning, socialising, reading various news sources (fake or otherwise). Technology should be
  7. Especially since the biggest whacko was the Aussie woman in the bondage gear. 🦹‍♀️ Best bits were drag show and nudist beach. The father is hilarious.
  8. The 2 part series 'Lance' is good viewing.
  9. Paul, she sounds like a remarkable woman and such a wonderful and full life. Hope I'm still swimming in my 90's. Condolences to you and your family. You've written a lovely account of her athletic life. It's great that you've put it in writing for all to see.
  10. She was an amazing woman - thoroughly wise and good.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-49945052 Trump's Aberdeenshire golf resort has been posting at least £1million annual losses every single year since it opened it 2012. Trump promised to spend £1billion and create 6,000 jobs developing the golf course. There are currently only 77 people employed by the business and falling year by year. The council has recently approved plans for Trump's second Aberdeenshire course as well as 550 new homes. Catch is, the residents don't want it and won't support anything branded 'Trump' explaining why the fi
  12. I was sitting with a Scot watching Mel Gibson do his best angry Scot, William Wallace in Braveheart the other night. Was a tad embarrassing. Somehow they managed to tell the story without mentioning the Battle of Bannockburn 🤔 William Wallace was 6ft 7! His sword was 1.63m long. They should've cast a real Scot - Rory McCann would've made a great William Wallace.
  13. He puts laughing emojis on most of my posts. Sometimes he puts crazy emojis on them too. He does the same to Bogfrog.
  14. He edited it AFTER I quoted it. Note the time he edited it. I also took a screen grab 😉 Really big of you to accuse me of changing his quote though.
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