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  1. I know a competitor and met a few more - we even had one stay in our BnB. I rode out of town with two, I love distance cycling but feel completely gutted by this, I'm not sure I'm riding this weekend. I've been "dot watching" for two weeks now and only last night was watching Mike on video. I've ridden bikes for more years than I care to remember but this has brought me to tears Vale Mike Hall.
  2. Sam Jeffries is doing it and raising funds for the women's and children's hospital in Adelaide. His go fund me page has the story. Sam's daughter Hanna had a spell there. https://www.gofundme.com/HannahWCH
  3. Was it Hackett that spoke along with John McLean at IMWA in 2004? I know it was swimmer but can't remember who it was.
  4. 160km with around 2500m vertical
  5. Yep we've checked google analytics and google ad words but real people evidence is useful too. I agree that google know way too much about us...
  6. I'm now working as a mortgage broker in Adelaide. Looking at search engine optimisation (SEO) and our marketing man has suggested we ask others what they search for rather than work this out ourselves as we will have a natural bias. Lets say you either have a mortgage that you want to refinance or want a new mortgage, what will you type into google to find a broker?
  7. as a broker I'd agree with you Hellman
  8. I had a look in the shed and I've got everything I need for a number 3 road bike except a set of brake calipers. I'm trying not to go over the top as my number 2 is BMC with dura ace...I don't want it too good as I want to be able to lock it up and walk away
  9. i'm on the NBN (adelaide hills) and today some friends from Sydney dropped around and as they were leaving asked to check in on my laptop (high end Sony) and then sat and watched qantas buffer. They connected the NBN without coming up my street?
  10. Timaru would work. Not far to Wanaka. Where are you staying in Wanaka? I miss Wanaka.
  11. Still miss Wanaka and haven't found anywhere as good as sticky forest and the plantation. You're right about the views, how many places can you see a lake, snow capped mountains and a glacier.
  12. There's a thread on Adelaide cyclist discussing what appears to be a soft sentence of a car driver following multiple assaults on a cyclist. Below is the first post and link http://www.adelaidecyclists.com/forum/topics/cyclist-assaulted-at-semaphore-court-case-today?xg_source=activity&id=3086792%3ATopic%3A979948&page=4#comments Multiple charges resulting from a road rage incident that occurred along the Esplanade, Semaphore, in December 2014 were heard in the Port Adelaide court today. The victim was a solo rider, on a road bike heading back from outer harbor, and 2 separate in
  13. He's already got Ultegra on the Trek so really only needs a frameset plus he'll need a new stem as the old one is a 1" steerer.
  14. Its not for me - I'm helping out a friend but he's not riding much so doesn't want to spend much. How much for the Planet X?
  15. I'm looking for a 56cm or thereabouts frameset to replace a broken Trek TTX frame. Trek won't replace under warranty. So if someones got something sitting around and taking up space...
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