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  1. .... and the 3000 womens steeple has been added as well, but IAAF didnt have to drop any events either...
  2. Yep, theres a valid comparison, looks like Simmi is on the right track there, an age group triathlete, compared to ......... some bloke called Scott Molina. Whos he?? sEE yyaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  3. Thanks Ben you are correct I have just piled a heap of extra shit (melancholy and all) in my original post....... Now I will piss off..
  4. .... and Simmi if you wanna see my balls, I can probably arrange that....
  5. Actually I just post so much because I love seeing my great looking head......
  6. and just re reading what Hoggy said, and what has been said on this thread, Simmi baby get yer head out of your arse, or whoever elses its up and you will see that there has been discussion about riding position, relative merits of bikes, my tongue, and triathlon in general. It was on topic. I find on many occasions that many readers are very selective in what they actually absorb and skim over the entire content and get emselves into trouble..... I know, I know, I have been guilty of this as well, but on 'transitions' probably doesnt matter as much as when dealing with legal doccos etc e
  7. Proud citizens of the free world........good night.
  8. jabbasaurus


    Myotherapy a very good form of massage, combining a number of elements of pressure point, heat and deep tissue massage, concentrating on body alignment and I have found it very effective. Helped me to race (way back when) even when my hip was starting to deteriorate leading to eventual replacement. Helped correct many issues such as effective leg length discrepancies (due to hip imbalance etc), sciatica etc post surgery and broke down scar tissue before it had a chance to turn into concrete.. the kind of 'deep' therapy/massage one gets and goes home and goes to sleep after. Bit of a workou
  9. jabbasaurus


    * www.myotherapy.com.au * Parkside sports physio - Parkie goes the extra mile was very helpful in getting over my recent repair job. Currently held together with rubber bands and staples, but getting there.. Signed injured old crock, fast becoming made up of artificial body parts....
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