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  1. entered 9 Port 2006-2012 WA 2010 NZ 2012 ** Cancelled due to Steely entering offered cheap late entry in to Port 2012 after NZ non event...had bike trouble first time ever in a race and by the time I hit the run was CBF...stopped in front of my accom and borrowed phone to call wife to tell her I was stopping.looking back now it was easy to pull the pin but that 1st time at Port in 2006 only way I was stopping was in an ambulance. for 7 years I managed to do at least 1 of every tri distance from super sprint to IM never trained enough for the longer races but loved it all ...all
  2. got thru all of Game of Thrones in 2 weeks !! then onto Fortitude...loved it...filmed in Iceland. now watching The Killing...slow burner gritty murder/police drama that shows the after affects on the family and friends not just the police solving the crime.
  3. IronJimbo The only person who never moved up to a mobile phone... The string and cans work just fine !! Even helped with his knot tying skills...boy scouts forever.
  4. move back ?? or layer like a sumo !!
  5. that's only 35km when converted to Oz kms...
  6. sorry Ratty NZ just played their final
  7. well I have seen over 160 of the top 250 on Plazbot's list movies that I really remembered for some time after I viewed... Schindlers List The Usual Suspects Inception Shawshank Redemption The Professional The Great Escape special mention to Alien...in 1979 I may have soiled my underpants when it ripped out of his stomach... I don't do horror movies at all so never watched any Nightmare or Halloween type movies.
  8. take the money you have saved plus future funds for next 5 years...have a great OS holiday and return with great stories and experiences so you can recommend places for your kids to visit when they grow up
  9. DingoDave


    start around at Pt Cartwright and swim around the lighthouse and get out at Alex...run back over the hill to transition...not this running on sand fairy bread stuff...
  10. dont start talking about refugees like they are real "people " who weren't lucky enough to be born in a country like ours... they are purely just numbers on a page to be used by Rabbit Inc to show how successful they are at STOPPING the boats ...job well done folks. so we stop them ...turn them back...or tow them to where ?? not much talk of that just endless high 5s for getting the numbers down. stop and think for 1 minute and put yourself down the hull of one of those luxurious craft...
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