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  1. Need a new pair of casual glasses. Not afraid to buy online over going to a surf shop and paying nearly $300 for a pair. Does anyone have any leads on where to get them from for some $ off RRP.
  2. Am converting my old tri tape collection to a digital format. First up in one from 1998 F1 series and a National race from Davenport in Tas where Waldo smoked everyone back when drafting was a no no. As I go through them my intention is to split them off into individual races etc. Looking at the quality of this I will try and up the resolution next time. Pretty sure ye olde VHS isn't 4k. 1998 Tri tape on YouTube
  3. Without meaning to sound like a wanker bike marketing person, I think it is comfy yet snappy. The brakes were a massive let down but with the Ultegras on there it stops better than a mates disc road bike. Merida are like Giant I guess, you get a lot of bike for the $ but no street cred. Wanna buy this one
  4. SOLD SOLD SOLD Special Trannie price $900, listed as $1000 everywhere else. Located on the Central Coast, NSW. Selling my hardly ridden Merida Scultura 5000 Ultegra 11 speed. I have done around 900km on this and it is fantastic condition. Ultegra brakes, shifters and derailleurs with a non series crank. The brakes have been updated to Ultegra ones with Swiss Stop pads. The Conti Gatorskins tyres have done 20km (a sprint tri). Uncut steerer and frame skin on the forks, top tube and under the main tube. Been well looked after. Reason for sale is to put some extra funds into increas
  5. Last tri I did was back in 2007 but did the TriCallala Sprint on Saturday. For the last few yrs I have been doing MTB races where punctures aren't really much of an issue anymore due to most people running tubeless with sealant. Most people I came across in the sprint had no spare tube, not that I could see anyway. I know it's 'only' 20 km, however with no tech support and possible 10km run from the turn around or withdrawing I am wondering why people wouldn't carry a spare. Back in the day I wouldn't carry a spare because by the time I changed it my race would be over, but what a stupid k
  6. Central Coast NSW. Got one from the triathlon trading post on FB. Should see me through a sprint tri I reckon. Seems Transitions isn't as populated as it used to be.
  7. So I may or may not be doing a sprint tri in December and my Orca tri suit.. well... the elastic has all gone in it. May be a one off race so don't want anything too fancy (expensive) so hoping the Transitions community can help out
  8. Did you listen to the podcast?
  9. actually, 10 days for the flu is about average. Some people have it for shorter, some people for longer. Believe it or not, but the research shows most if not all people who are not very young or very old or with preexisting conditions recover from the flu without antibiotics and taking broad spectrum antibiotics will cause you and society harm in the long run. This is well worth a listen, I certainly learned a lot from it http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2016/05/05/4456312.htm
  10. AP speaks sense here. Sadly, most wont listen.
  11. Hey Kamal2, It depends on two things 1. price 2. use (fire roads, single track, downhill, XC, enduro etc.) Oh and remember, you gotta service your forks every 50hrs of use!
  12. Pick a brand, any brand. 2016 stock is the best buy at the moment. Get something with decent forks and carbon frame. There is a very very small market for 2nd hard hardtail bikes so there might be some bargains to be had there. Personally, I wouldn't bother with one. Get a dualie and you won't look back.
  13. Agreed. When I first started riding I rode with some experienced older guys who told me what was what and what to do. The groups I rode with had rules which were enforced such as run a red light and you're out and just because you can ride two abreast doesn't mean you should etc. This seems to have gone away now and has been replaced with cyclists right etc etc and no one is taking about the reality. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  14. Yeah it's gaining some traction here where there are a lot of fire trails. Although I would prefer to ride them on my MTB than a franken bike roadie/mtb and it gives the options of going off road if single track appears.
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