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  1. Open an onlyfans
  2. China is Sinopharm . It is being used in a number of places. I myself had received it. Didn't grow another head and don't have the Rona so great success.
  3. And ND won because Clemson's two best players were out..... with COVID.
  4. Wait, in all of Australia there are 200 active cases? That's it? With what I see on the news pages I thought it was like the zombie apocalypse there. Oh dear. Current restrictions are an EXTREME overreaction.
  5. If that's true it is laughable. I live in a muslim country and it is illegal to sell sanitiser with less than 70% alcohol. Their religious rules refer to consumption of alcohol not the use of it for other means.
  6. Holy sh!t. That's disgraceful.
  7. I'm not much of a fan of her's but this certainly gets my tick of approval. Nice work Penny and Labor.
  8. The UAE was certainly stricter. Those under 12 and over 60 were not permitted to leave the house AT ALL. There was no movement by anybody for any reason without a permit. No exemption for exercise. Noone allowed out from 8pm to 6am unless essential services employees. Things have been relaxed but my 11 year old did not leave the house for 3 months.
  9. And good for him. That is not the issue. I know of MANY Australians who have lost jobs and can't get home. Getting bumped off flights 3 and 4 times. As the airlines are taking 3 months to process refunds they are having to pay each time they try for a new one because their rebooking of the originals are months away. Most expats staying in a country rely on their employment to keep their visa. Lose the job, lose the visa. Can't stay yet can't get home. It's a sh!t show and I am appalled at the handling of it.
  10. Eurocontrol running at about 45% of last year's traffic. MIDRMA (gulf and north east Africa) about the same.
  11. I don't know if you cats are taking this piss. Masks. Right?
  12. Wear a mask. Mash your hands.
  13. There are 4 or 5 vids of that mouth breather. My fave is the one where they put her in cuffs
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