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  1. Been a bit slow getting on here. We flew in the day before the race (visiting family and new grandson) and spent quite a while out at run aid station with our daughter's friends who were on it. The run course was good, along the creek, with lots of support and shade for a lot of it, but concrete and that was the complaint of a lot of runners. Some very flash bikes/helmets just made the bike cutoff and it was pretty hot. The gap to 3rd was incredible. By 6pm most were walking and ice was in high demand (and salt) Utter respect to the guy who wore a blade. Forgotten how to post a pi
  2. Gee Truck, you aren't my son in law, are you? Same thing happened to him about the same time - after 4 days of pain went to Dr, who diagnosed quickly and sent him straight to ER, had it out by 9 that night and home by 3 next day, but he had fever then AB's and turns out it was gangrenous when they took it out. They were sure glad they had their US health insurance sorted. We reckon he can brag that the 'hole' near navel is where he got shot in the US and other slit up near ribs is where he got stabbed!
  3. We are too poor for that - we are going to Moab Thursday and doing some walking. Gonna be 38 degrees. Phew Very early morning hiking! We'll probably hang out in the Colorado river afterwards, too.
  4. I made a minestrone (vegies/pasta) in advance and our crew had it heated when we rocked into the CP. Second meal (we did stop and sleep) was pasta, but we were so full of liquids we didn't feel like much. Highlight of the walk was on the long boring straight section of Warburton Trail (27kms) and came across hubby at at cross road with table and chairs set up and slices of lovely cool watermelon - it was the best!
  5. I remember the fear of conscription in my Mum and her friends. My brother's number didn't come up, but he did join the Army Reserve.
  6. Thanks FatPom, I don't look here often enough, missed that thread, see you've done something useful today and filled in some time LOL! Yeah Arpit (why do I always read that as Armpit? ) travellers cheques are so yesterday. Thanks will report to the finance manager.
  7. What's your best experience with money when travelling? (not gambling it all away in Vegas, either ) We have a Mastercard we can use, and have in the past, but there are charges. Bank suggested a Travelcard, but you have to know how much to load onto it and costs more if you have to put more on. Son in Law mentioned a card called 28, but we got rejected, they didn't say why. Going to USA for 3 weeks. (Going to Boulder and Moab as well, just to make the MTB's jealous!)
  8. Wow! Stunning! Thanks for sharing the pics
  9. Haa Haa, you'll find out soon enough!! Like Tortise, the only day time Wolfie let himself watch was either Parliament or News 24 while having his lunch. He was always doing webinars and researching stuff on the internet (not bikes ) going for walks/coffee (post recovery) and the rest of his time was applying for jobs. Mind you, politics on TV for the next few weeks would send you spiraling into depression
  10. Welcome back FP. I can relate to the relocating etc. It's very hard to adjust, and you've had to do that a few times mate. Expecting a little fat pom?! I have been out of the loop!! Wow!! I'm sure that will cement your feelings for Oz - home is where the family is Thinking of you as you settle in and adjust. Customer - jealous! Is this just a holiday or permanent?
  11. Sure are Peter! Horrible. And I'm going there soon, I'll watch out for the rednecks. Tho Richie is known to be a very firey character too. If they guy had to stop suddenly cos of the car ahead of him, then wasn't he travelling/overtaking too fast? Hmm
  12. I blame genetics. Had to go on meds about 3 years ago and annoyed I have to take two tabs to get correct dose as Coversyl Plus doesn't come in a 15mg. Will be expensive when our health care card runs out. I managed to keep off meds for about 5 years by having chinese medicine/acupuncture but can't fight genes forever I can keep it lower by running, but been sick for 2 weeks, so no exercise and up it goes (plus stress with my Dad going missing last week for a day didn't help). Been reading and viewing a lot lately about cutting out sugar (which I did for a while till I was so busy it wa
  13. Eat at Noosaville, not Hastings Street. Surf Clubs are a family feeding frenzy, especially in holidays. Sunshine Beach has some nice eateries and long beaches. Get to the beach early for a swim before crowds arrive. Get a good book and relax and chill out. Gelati at Massimos at end of Hastings street every afternoon. Swim at Little Cove.
  14. One thing I miss with not watching many live stages is the fantastic SBS songs, though apparently these can be followed on twitter. Not that I tweet. They've been good, as usual though and so appropriate! Weather has been pretty good so far this year too
  15. Foxy Lady

    It's hot!

    LOL! They are melting in Ireland, too. Nearly dying in 25-30 degrees. First summer in 30 years! Ian, is this the permanent move back? Sorry I haven't been following - not on here much lately. Drink lots of water. Just had a big glass of Melbourne water, nothing like it
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