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  1. Thanks for everyone’s interest, the wheels have been sold. Not sure how I feel about that.
  2. https://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/products/motorcycle/road/sport-heritage/xsr900. I reckon this is you FP
  3. The simplicity of the Tenere attracts me, no rider modes etc. Just click her into gear and away you go.
  4. Haven’t ruled it out, but at approx 230kg, that’s a lot of bike to pick up if I drop it. I would probably be okay the first time...
  5. Yes mate, of course you can, but it better be soon, seriously considering replacing it with a Tenere 700
  6. Hymie

    Im Back...

    Good to have you back Ronnie, I may have to visit more frequently
  7. I had the pleasure of racing with Dave at IMWA in 2009 and meet him again at IMOZ. A true loss, it’s a sad day.
  8. Hymie

    Argon E-112 Small

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say, it’s red, so you know it goes faster!
  9. I bought these in 2009 to race IMWA and did a few halfs on them, but they have been sitting in the shed for too long and it’s time for them to go. VGC. They come with a Zipp Titainium rear skewer, sorry the front one is MIA, and wheel bags. The wheels are in Shepparton Victoria, they can be delivered to Melbourne or posted at the buyer’s expense. $1,000 firm. Still the fastest wheel set on the planet.
  10. Finally getting around to clearing the Tri-gear. This was my race bike, so I didn’t do a lot of training on it. Purchased in 2009, from Otter when he had Cyclespeed in Brighton Melbourne. I used it in IMWA 2009 and a few half IMs after that. It has sat in the shed since my last race at IMNZ 2012. The running is is Shimano Durace 9 speed with profile carbon cranks. It could easily be converted back to a road bike or updated to 10 or 11 speed. Very good condition for it age. The wheels are TWE alloys and I guarantee they have the best hubs you will ever experience. The lowest rolling res
  11. Finally getting around to clearing the Tri-gear. This is my wife’s Argon E-112. Purchased in 2009, it was Stacey’s race and training bike, so it has plenty of Km’s on the clock, but is in good condition for it’s age. It comes with Shimano 105 10 speed running gear and pedals, Flashpoint 50mm Carbon clincher race wheels and Mavic Aksuim alloy training wheels. Stacey’s last race was 2015 IMOZ and she hasn’t touched the bike since. All you need to start your triathlon journey. $700 the lot. I will throw in a double wheel bag if you buy the complete package. The bike is in Shepparton Vic, i
  12. Our condolences to you and your family Paul.
  13. You should have got the deluxe model, with the milk crate as standard.
  14. Yes, I have recently discovered him, a great time waster, but I have a lot of time to waste in stage 3 lockdown
  15. Come and visit Ian and you can have a go on the Ninja, or CRF.
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