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  1. Our condolences to you and your family Paul.
  2. You should have got the deluxe model, with the milk crate as standard.
  3. Yes, I have recently discovered him, a great time waster, but I have a lot of time to waste in stage 3 lockdown
  4. Come and visit Ian and you can have a go on the Ninja, or CRF.
  5. Any preference Dalai? Always been pretty keen on the Fire blades myself, but the Ninja is a lot more comfortable, but plenty of options in the 1k super bike category
  6. The Ninja 1000SX I have had for a few years now, fantastic all rounder, sports tourer. The CRF 450L is the latest addition, it took a bit of doing as I didn’t want to sell the Ninja. The goal for the CRF is to adapt it to a light adventure bike to do a bit of dirt and camping.
  7. Matthew Keenan tweeted no Froome or Thomas for team Ineos for the tour. I am too much of a tech numpty to copy and paste the tweet.
  8. Hymie


    My personal view, it would be highly irresponsible to bring together 10s of thousands of people from all over the world, into a confined environment (the Olympic village) for an extended period of two weeks. Given that fit young people are likely to be asymptotic, when infected, that would be a recipe for disaster.
  9. Hymie


    I would prefer a refund as it is unlikely we will be flying anywhere for the foreseeable future. We aren’t frequent travellers anymore. But thanks everyone for your responses.
  10. Hymie


    I am happy to wait.
  11. Hymie


    We were invited to a wedding in Bali in May, now Jetstar have cancelled all international flights, I have applied for a refund via online. Anyone have any experience on how successful getting a refund out of Jetstar might be?
  12. Is Brady to Tampa Bay the biggest shock in the NFL, since I don’t know when? I never thought he would leave the Pats. Will the Pats rue trading Garroppolo to the 49ers? Is this the end of the Belichick dynasty?
  13. It would appear few are going to miss Chieka. I am still not sure if it was the coach or the cattle, most likely a combination of both. The only real world class player we seem to have is Pocock, and even he threw a crucial intercept pass. My biggest bug bear was the consistent handling errors and dumb decision making when we got close to the try line. Example we got within 1-2 metres of England’s and just continued to bash against their defence until we inevitably turned it over. When we finally went wide to Kafusi, the pass was appalling, he has to wait flat footed and never got going.
  14. Generally at least 3 sides to every story, your version, my version and what really happened. 😉
  15. Everyone is different, but I am firmly in the 2 battery camp. My daughter’s year 10 formal and I didn’t check/charge the battery beforehand. The battery went flat just as I was organising the group shot. I have shot some events where you didn’t want that to happen, so having the spare battery is peace of mind.
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