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  1. I used to like McGregor but I think he is turning in to a first class prick, like Mundine and Ali before him. I like boxers/fighters who shut up and let their actions do the talking. Check out Mark Hunt for someone who gets the job done and just walks away.
  2. It's hard to believe he is gone. I saw his post from the wedding on Facebook yesterday and was going to send him a g'day message as it was ages since I had seen him. I wish I did now. RIP Nick, you were a great bloke.
  3. TrevorMullins

    Fenix 3!

    If anyone is thinking of upgrading to the Fenix 3 HR they are $645 from DWI at the moment.
  4. Did you try the ironman site. I can see it on my iPad using chrome so it should work on your phone. http://m.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/video.aspx?y=2014&race=worldchampionship
  5. On an iphone, you can open settings then open Cellular and scroll down and you can see what apps are using cellular data (and how much each uses) and you can disable cellular data for each app individually. I used to use Quota to track usage (and other things on the iphone) but I think it is not being supported by the creator anymore. There is an app specific to optus that might work.
  6. I have one of these Telstra 4G modems and it works well. I've gotten speeds of 86Mbps down and 30 up. It also gives you an update on how much data you have used each time you turn it on.
  7. I use Air Video You run the Air Video Server program on your computer and link any drives you want to share from. You load the app on your iphone or ipad and can watch shows that are on your computer. It works really well. It will convert any format that won't play automatically on the ipad so you don't have to worry about converting using handbrake etc. You can stream or download to the ipad/iphone. You can also set it up so you can access it outside your wifi area. For example you visit friends and want to watch a movie with them that you have on your drive at home. You can conn
  8. If she will be using it in the house and streaming the movies and not storing them on the ipad then the 16GB wifi model should be fine. You just need to set up a server on one of your computers that she can stream from using an app such as AirVideo, or set up Netflix to stream directly to your ipad. When I upgraded my daughters 64Gb 3G ipad I got the 16GB wifi one (I sold got the new model for the same price I sold the old model for) but will get a larger one next time as she stores a couple of movies/tv shows to watch in the car and I find I have to manage the storage for her. Some of the
  9. Bugger, not good to see a crash in the finish. Cav would have really wanted that win.
  10. I have to agree. I have been a Liverpool fan for over 35 years and can't stand him. He is an exceptional footballer, but that is all. I don't think we can win the league next season without him but hope the club get rid of him. He is not the types of person we need in our club.
  11. I feel your pain. Half the team is Liverpool and they have the same issues at the back.
  12. I have a few of these in the garage and around the house. They are around $128 each and you can also get a model up that acts as a wireless extender if that interests you. They look similar to the ones Peter linked to above. One of the great things about the D-Link setup is that you can set it up to record video if it detects motion and then email the video (or photo) to you. It also has a mic so you get audio as well as video. The night vision works really well and you can control the camera from your phone or the internet.
  13. I've never tried a Red Bull. It sounds like I'm in the minority or some people are drinking an awful lot of them.
  14. I am still shattered at this mornings result. With 15mins to go I went to get ready for work thinking we had it in the bag. Check the score when it was over and couldn't believe it.
  15. Sponsored athletes? Not really, unless they are selling off their bikes for a big discount. Word of mouth? Reviews online mostly. Price? Not so much price but value for money. I will spend more to get better value. I look for deals like % off rrp. I would rather pay $2000 for a $3500 rrp bike than $1500 for a $2000 rrp bike. Do you like to touch and feel at an expo. This is a problem for me, I have an addiction to buying things at the expo. I will buy anything that is shiny and new.
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