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  1. Had a quick go on NY yesterday - pretty fun, options of the normal lower routes or the futuristic upper ones. I'm enjoying Zwift a lot, it has made a massive difference to my bike training - I work from home a lot so can now fit in an intense lunchtime race or recovery ride within an hour. I used to be pretty lazy about the shorter intense sessions when I saw them on my plan, now I look forward to them.
  2. I could get that if they didn’t choose tri standard distances. Hard to take the IM blinkers off when it’s IM distances for the full LCW. 4K/200k/40k ?
  3. Also. IMO, there should just be one (or two, if you have to split aerobar vs non) 180km wave start(s) for the bike. I stupidly said I expected to do less than 7 hours, not thinking that it meant I would start an hour later and it was a pretty lonely ride. Those '7hr+' stick people with their fancy bikes all had an amazing day to do sub-6
  4. I wondered about the target market for this race, along with the scheduling & promotion. Is it for people who are thinking of doing an ironman next year and want to test out the distances? It's tough for it to be an A race when the bike is 'not a race, it's a timed event', allows drafting, group rides etc. It was noticeable that there was zero tri club presence, and as was said earlier no much on social media either. https://twitter.com/LCWJervisBay hasn't been updated since November 2016, FB had one or two posts per day with a few more after the finish yesterday. For me, I did i
  5. Hey no worries, I did see the Tranny cap but I'm here so infrequently now I don't identify as a Tranny ( ... ) so if you had said you were Cape_Horn I would have said 'who?', as you would have done for me. Sorry to take off on you but I was at the 'I just want this to be over and the quickest way is to run to the finish' stage having done run/walk from the beginning. It felt like I was flying but it turns out it was a 6min final KM so I guess it's all relative. I did end up beating the next person by 45 seconds so it wasn't totally wasted effort. Great PB, definitely one to be
  6. 1:45 of being smacked in the face in the swim, longest IM swim I’ve done. 7:45 bike - included a 15m meltdown at the end of lap three when I had decided to quit then eventually changed my mind. I saw a camel on the last lap so that was nice, and just managed to beat the thunderstorm. Slowest IM bike by over an hour, although my power figures were ok. I hear I wasn’t alone - what was that all about? Best bike course, my (sore) arse. Run was ok though, hit my sub 5 target, making the total time slip into third place for iron distance style events. Great support on on the
  7. I thought I heard 5th April which would be ideal as a lead in to Cairns. I miss a lot of EE events due to scheduling issues - AAA has clashed with Mooloolaba etc.
  8. Hi, My wife entered the LCW Jervis Bay but has been sick and unable to train, so wants to sell her entry (and she's going to volunteer instead). EE have confirmed she can transfer. She entered the three events at half iron distance, paying $350 inc insurance & fees. Looking for $200 ono. Email to paul.wakeford@gmail.com preferred - I don't get here much any more. Thanks, Paul
  9. March 10th. http://www.eliteenergy.com.au/event/australian-alpine-ascent/
  10. So 2018 was to be the year I would finally do AAA. Turning 50, coming off an ironman year.. perfect. Except it's been moved back to March and is now the same weekend as Mooloolaba which I am committed to. Aaaarghhh!
  11. 12:56 for me, not quite the 12:30 goal but still a PB so I can't complain. I found the swim rough, I felt like a bobbing cork on the waves, but sounds like it was just me. Bike was fun, surface rougher than I remember but it went quickly up to the last 20-30km when the wind was a bit much. I saw quite a few TOs and people in the pen box early on. Legs went bad after about 20km of the run but the coke pulled me back together and I ran between the aid stations to get home. I have plenty of ideas in how to improve for my next IM in 2019 - I need a year off IM to do other events - thi
  12. Good luck Andrew and family.
  13. My brother in law just found he left his seat post at home -Trek Speed Concept Seven series. He's going to call the local bike shop tomorrow to see if they can help - but in case they can't, does anyone have any other leads he could look at? Thanks, Paul
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