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  1. fountain of youth on 9 news Would you take it? to be honest i would consider it
  2. anyone want to have a go updating this??
  3. nick is a well known lance lover.. i think it was serious... will see either way
  4. yes that was quite awesome... ty JV
  5. yes the stats show that 10-15 year olds and the elders account for most the deaths.. also significant is the time of day.. pm is pretty bad..
  6. kokomo

    M-Dot Tattoos

    you may or may not believe this but a large version of that ^^^ fits WIDTH ways on my trunk.. if oracle get up in the 33editon tonight I might get something else fox 3
  7. kokomo

    M-Dot Tattoos

    wankers welcome to 2010
  8. kokomo

    Ironman Melbourne

    anyone got a good picture of open flood gates?
  9. kokomo

    Ironman Melbourne

    just offically scoop it would ya
  10. kokomo


    ok ill move my lack of On Topic content over there
  11. kokomo


    why another f-king forum
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