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  1. its funny how you started in this thread as such a expert... and now down to this level...
  2. takes a liberal government to make decisions like this... lets hope the helmet gets passed
  3. i thought you had culled your self...
  4. been working on the SCG renovation recently as we are not allowed to take photos of the pitch...
  5. that's not really true... I have a lot of experience I always laugh at 'educated' claims like yours.. WA 11 deaths.. 13 years... = don't go in water.. wow you must have a degree of some sort
  6. wow started off like a expert and ended up like a below average punter... this is a ridiculous view point based on nothing.
  7. this is garmin's policy.. no needles.. all other teams allow it for recovery etc and epo
  8. yeah straight into the quaq team
  9. by the look of the job description maybe they only care about PM's no mention of servo's or stepper motor control.. although that is reasonably simple...
  10. why not give Plazbot another go?
  11. kokomo

    Some observations

    that is some sexy running technique
  12. i ****in hate white chocolate.. where was this video taken? Hell?
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