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  1. balri

    Adamo Users

    I've had mine for almost 12 months now. I'll let you know when I get used to it
  2. balri

    TDF13 - Stage 2

  3. I can vouch for that. I haven't been swimming much and my IM times are usually ~5min slower than Ratty's when we're both fit but I was almost 10min quicker at Cairns. Be good to see you get back into it mate
  4. I work as a ridiculously overpaid IT contractor two days a week. That, plus my wife's salary, pays the bills and allows me to spend two days a week working as a sales assistant in a running store which basically involves talking to runners about races they have coming up. The rest of my time is spent hanging out with my kids, getting them to/from school etc. I must've done something right in a previous life
  5. I don't know what happened to my 3rd place prize. I'm hoping it will show up in the wash. How are the knees Turtle?
  6. I don't want it to sell out until I have the money to enter
  7. While my bike collects dust in the garage I've got City 2 South this Sunday and then Kokoda Challenge in 5 weeks. I'm just going to run for a while now after four years of tri training year round. Will probably make a comeback for HOTW
  8. Just had a look at your results. You probably didn't see me on the bike because you went past too fast. Congrats on your great result
  9. Thanks Go Easy. That's one of my favourite quotes
  10. I dragged my sorry butt across the line in 12:24, over an hour slower than Busso. I'm not doing one of these without training again
  11. balri

    Trannie BBQ

    With a big red nose and red curly hair
  12. balri

    Suunto Vs Garmin

    What job can't they do? The only limitation I'm aware of is no quick release
  13. We now sell them at Active Stride. I tried on the Instinct today and they're a nice shoe. They'd need a gradual transition though because of the zero drop. Not sure about the "sale" in the link above either. Pretty sure our regular price for the Instincts is about $10 cheaper. http://www.activestride.com.au Disclaimer: I work there
  14. There was a half beer mile last year
  15. balri

    Suunto Vs Garmin

    Why is everyone so anti-Suunto?
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