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  1. I had a carry over entry from last year...been doing a quick search and it appears Yungaburra is the same weekend so maybe I’ll trot up there..I will be sleeping in a swag..
  2. Couldn’t link the story for whatever reason... anyway the race has been postponed for the second year running. I could understand last year, but this year not so much. Is COVID an easy cop out for a new committee that has been left a bit of a sh!t show by the previous out going committee? Can these races come back after being canceled?
  3. Love this. And makes me realise that I need to start working on all the adventures I’ve always wanted to take but didn’t.
  4. Sounds like just what the Doctor ordered.
  5. It’s sh!t....I generally don’t go to sleep until after the time I woke to find Him gone or if I do happen to go to sleep prior I generally wake at the time I woke to find Him gone..then I start to over think everything....the latest torture is ‘was He really dead?’.....’Could I have done more?’... sending strength to you. Xx
  6. Thanks guys. It has become apparent in different ways that I’m very capable in a lot of areas..not so much in others...😎
  7. Tow ball would be my preferred attachment. I’m currently driving a Subaru XV...
  8. I need to invest in a bike rack for my car. Something that’s easy for me to handle on my own. suggestions?
  9. 6hrs at best since Brett died. Usually around 4.5...hoping that one day I get back to some kind of normal
  10. Same- I sort of feel a bit ripped off if that makes sense. I was hoping to get more out of it to be honest.
  11. I’ve finished The Art of Resilience if anyone wants it. Happy to send it on. I won’t be reading it again.
  12. Ronnie

    2020 totals

    There are some pretty impressive totals out there. Mine are abysmal. Now that I have my head straight I’m good to go for ‘21.
  13. Merry Christmas one and all. Hope you've all had a great day surrounded by those you love. ❤️
  14. I currently have 3 books on the go... The Journey of Souls-Michael Newton PHD....thought it might help with my loss...and it has in some ways I suppose. Think Like a Monk-Jay Shetty...I’m looking to calm my mind that won’t turn off at all...it goes 24/7...this is something that has only started since Bretty died. And I’ve also got The Art of Resilience by Ross Edgley on the go too...
  15. I saw this and thought of you...
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