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  1. This is great news. Please pass on my genuine congrats to him. 💛💛
  2. Thanks for the update. Please check folder for a message.
  3. And this...100% I remember Council asking Brett to step up to Fleet Co-Ordinator on 3 separate occasions, but the 3 times he applied for the job he ‘wasn’t qualified enough’ to hold the position. I’m still dirty about that.
  4. I would be. But I’d ask myself these questions first.. Am I happy where I am? if not, are there defining things that make me unhappy but could be fixed? is my work/family balance going to be the same or better if I go? of course $$ come in to it too? just a few things and I’m sure others can add more useful information than this. But for me I need to feel like I’m not working at all to be happy in my job snd luckily that’s me right now. good luck and keep us posted.
  5. I don’t have Dad memories but I do love listening to my kids talk about their Dad. I’m glad they have so many funny stories they can tell and laugh about. And I’m so grateful for Facebook memories so we can still hear his voice in videos and watch him do the silly sh!t he did. don’t ever stop doing the Dad things you fella’s...you don’t realise how much this means down the track.. 💛💛💛
  6. I’m in for the Townsville catch up.
  7. I’m sending strength and love to everyone that’s going through a sh!tty time right now. I wish I could say or do something, anything, to make it better for I'm doing ok. I’ll never be a fan of Easter since Bretty left. Our last one was great. But I’m always grateful that if he had to leave me it was as it was. I’m so very lucky in that regard. 💛
  8. I love this...as a kid I always wanted to drive trains, have even applied twice with QR in the last 6 years...still not driving trains though...
  9. Love and strength... reading this has certainly put my woes in to perspective. xxx
  10. Well unemployment lasted only 72 hours and I start at Long Tan Swimming Pool on Thursday. Sometimes you just have to go back to what you know. 😎
  11. Fingers crossed he is on your side x
  12. A big step forward for me this week. Since Brett died I have struggled to cook a meal. Or even eat regularly for that matter. I have cooked my meals for the last 7 days, no take always..finally worked out how to grocery shop for one. In other news i quit my job yesterday. I realised I wasn’t a good fit for them and we had, let’s say, creative differences where food safety was concerned and I wanted to tap out before food poisoning occurred...so currently genuinely unemployed for the first time in almost 20 years. breathe in, breathe out everyone. Lots of love. x
  13. I had a carry over entry from last year...been doing a quick search and it appears Yungaburra is the same weekend so maybe I’ll trot up there..I will be sleeping in a swag..
  14. Couldn’t link the story for whatever reason... anyway the race has been postponed for the second year running. I could understand last year, but this year not so much. Is COVID an easy cop out for a new committee that has been left a bit of a sh!t show by the previous out going committee? Can these races come back after being canceled?
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