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  1. I have shot it for the last 2 years... and this'l be number 3.... Anything you should know.... ??? Event: open road, huge downhill should be taken with hands ALWAYS on brakes ... Trucks, motorbikes with shopping and families on board and dogs are all possible speed humps. Sunday morning is market day for locals... bike course = something very unique!!!! read above speedhumps... Unless you are going for a podium, smell the roses along the run... you run thru market areas, total mayhem, but an absolute Hoot ! lastyear, lots of pebbles / coral on the beach run from swim exit to T1 S
  2. Welcome to my world.... Taylor made burner 2.0 Irons.... and 18deg Fairway wood and Driver that's my solution... Happy Golf Daize JRPee
  3. JayArePee


    I was on the 2:00pm Kanandru Railway back to Cairns and she was rockn all over the shop... But i think thats normal... BeeZaar Happy Daize JayRPee
  4. From the horses mouth.... QUOTE... X-Tri doesn't rumour events they run them and we are confirmed to be running three licensed Ironman 70.3s in 2011 - the first just completed in Singapore (where entries for 2012 will open in the next week) - which was the largest Ironman 70.3 yet run in the Asia Pacific. The second at Yeppoon where entries are open at www.ironmanyeppoon.com And the third at Canberra where entries will open ASAP as we are back in Australia and hooked up with our IT people to make it happen. Site is www.ironmancanberra.com And don't read ANYTHIN
  5. Canberra Event entry questions... Don't expect a response til thursday at the earliest. A huge week/end for the XTri team in Singapore just had, and the team is taking a well deserved break, sans email, phone etc. give'm that much. Happy Daize JRpee
  6. Does it help to know Challenge Cairns WILL have said memorabilia Video has never been a requirement of any big races...Its just that I like to raise the expectations of our market, and it seems to be working, Makes life interesting doesn't it ! Happy Daize JRPee
  7. my 2c worth FWIW +1 Winery marathon ...Stunning .... firetrail, road, footpath ... thru the vineyards and surrounding fields and hills. Stunning.. a second time... Happy Daize JRPee
  8. If anyone is interested.. Pics are up Look fwd to Feedback Video also nearing completion Happy Daize JRPee
  9. You mean THE RACE is tonite... My neice races the scratch today and the Ind Pursuit tmrw... Go u good thing Nervous Daize Jrpee
  10. Partners in EUrope shot this race...MaraPhotos - Chal;lenge Copenhagen - and type in KEAT in name search .. Looks like some claret off her left knee Happy Daize JRPee
  11. Let me know if problems... I have insider info... Happy Daize JRPee
  12. JRPee will be there.. WooHoo !! Snappy Daize JRPee
  13. +1 for the cheap Blue woolen ones Weave is loose enough to let your hands breathe when they get warm after a few k Happy daize JRPee
  14. Hey CC Yes, they were ours, but just playing with ideas. i will get a sample to put on here...somehow. Happy Daize JRPee
  15. are we supposed to read signatures ???? Gotcha.... Contact has been thru Rory previously ... Happy daize JRPee
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