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  1. I'm not fast at all, at 58 and 88kgs, my last 5km benchmark was Jan 2nd and 21.40. I rarely do a speed session as in 10 x 800s or anything like that but I have a regular 6km loop that I use in training, and once every 10 days or so, I run that as fast as I can. Nearly all the rest of my runs are between 5.10 and 5.45, depending on length but I rarely run longer than 30km on the road in training. I'm on a recovery week this week, so only 40kms of running but have another 5km benchmark due on Saturday to finish the week off, so will be interesting to see where that ends up.
  2. Managed a quick Zwift. Picked up the Champs badge. 17.4kms, 32.43, 103 mtrs, 228 av watts
  3. 14km easy run. 1:16:35, 5.28 pace, 121 vert
  4. FatPom


    Mum is 84 in a low(er) risk rural area and getting her first jab today. She's just about the last of anybody I know of at that age to get it. 2nd shot is late March I think. I've slipped on the general calculator from May to mid June but we'll see.
  5. That's a lot to be dealing with Skel. take time to breathe and care for yourself.
  6. FatPom


    Kicking off in The Netherlands https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-riots-erupt-in-netherlands-during-protests-over-lockdown-curfew-12198288
  7. Little One has been eyeing up a PB on our course since Thurs. We were going to do it yesterday, but snow! We went for it today: 6km, 37.28 at 6.14 pace. A 1:45 PB. 👍😎
  8. 4km walk to the coffee takeaway.
  9. Heading for a walk for it disappears. North of the country has been deep in snow for days.
  10. Little One was planning a 6km pb attempt today. That won’t be happening!
  11. easy (frosty) run. 15km, 1.21 at 5.26 pace, 117 vert
  12. FatPom


    haha, I looked at that for about 5 mins. I kept reading it that two adults was $3000. Been a long week!
  13. Club ride, Innsbrucking. 30.4km, 57.47, 252mtrs, 215 av watts
  14. FatPom


    Wut! ❓does not compute.
  15. uggh, that was grim. 14kms, 1:18 at 5.33 pace, 127 vert. surprised at the pace because it felt like i was going backwards mostly!
  16. I've got a Focus Paralane carbon that I keep at my Mum's house for a spare bike. Definitely not a crit bike, unless you like seeing the pack from the back 🤣
  17. When we were staying at the Canberra for the HIM one year. (the hotel near the casino, Hyatt?) it was full of triathletes. I had a horrible night, was really sick and we planned on checking out, grabbing my bike from transition to head home. Went to check out, feeling like death and the receptionist said I just needed to pay for the 4 vodkas charged to my room! WTF? I launched some spiel about being an elite athlete, all the time looking like I was having a hangover from hell😅 He sorted it out, nothing to pay. Gimli was there that year, we were meant to have a smackdown. I blame
  18. Yeah it sounds strange. $94 is annoying but TBH, you may have dodged a bullet with the dog and claimed 'damage'. Doesn't sound like she needs much excuse.
  19. Interesting profile for her. She has brand new VW T6 camper custom made and as far as i can see, free. That's not chump change but i wonder the coach builder gets out of it?
  20. What does her Trip Advisor say, bad reviews? She does sound a bit unhinged or she's looked at how much she's lost in revenue and trying to make it up by jacking up prices after the fact. Either way, not cool!
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