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  1. Great stuff Andrew, keep going champ. 👍
  2. Not sure if this should be in the MH thread or Good News thread. Things at work are better but not great, I'd say I'm more 'frustrated' than stressed at the moment and it's a feeling a lot of us on the big project are feeling. However, the good news is, for the first time since starting the job early August, I'm meeting some colleagues next week at HQ! We've been given permission to get together for an Senior Leaders workshop. Also allowed to stay overnight, my first time in a hotel since 2019. Meeting my 4 peers, our manager and also 3 of the managers that report to me. Never be
  3. Yeah it's definitely worth a binge. Personally, I think it tops anything he's done before but of course, we wouldn't be interested without his history. The only thing I was disappointed in was the obvious BS at the end about how much he had 'made'. They counted the complete, non amortised cost of machinery, shop and barn build as if he'd be buying that every year, which of course is false and just some dramatic effect. That and the fact that even during lockdown, anyone was allowed out for exercise in your local area, so his cyclist rant was BS.
  4. What an excellent read and very useful info in there. Congrats to your wife Lawman.👏
  5. Thanks Paul. What you've described is so accurate. Really hope to get there one day. 👍
  6. FatPom


    The countries that are banned are on the 'red list' in the UK, so we've probably pissed off China. They've had to rename the variants. India had no problem with the Kent/UK variant, the South African or the Brazilian variant being named as such but kicked up merry hell when it came to calling out the Indian variant. So now they're called Oscar, Tango, Juliet Bravo, Omega, Gamma or something. 😄
  7. Bit hard to tell. Cotswolds isn't the West Country at all and a lot of it can be 'posh rural' but Chaddlington is very close the the eastern side of Gloucestershire ( which still isn't proper west country is you're from Somerset!), so it's kind of on the divide between east and west. Where I live (Winchester in Hampshire) is similar but we are also further south and a little bit further west. One thing I've noticed here is that accents can change dramatically, even if you were born here, depending on the upbringing you've had. People in Winchester can sound very 'home counties posh' o
  8. It is very good. I liked the sheep market episode "It's hardly Mexico" 🤣
  9. Thanks Rob, appreciate that mate. My best so far is 88kms at Race to the King in 2019 (which was the course distance). I hope I have the mental fortitude for 100 miles, just got to make sure the body is working. Next caper is 'Endure24' on Jul 23rs. I've entered as a solo but will see how the day goes, we've hired a motorhome for it. https://endure24.co.uk/ The gold std for a solo is to clock 100 miles, can't see that happening for me but hopefull a fun weekend.
  10. How did you go mate, or is it this Sunday?
  11. Cheers Mick, I know logically, there will be loads of positives, just need to get past the mental disappointment at the moment but I know it won't last long. 👍
  12. Looking at the numbers, there were 133 DNFs out of 442 starters.
  13. Fingers crossed for you Prince 👍
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