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  1. They are really good Merv. Only thing I'd suggest is washing the mitt thing that they clip into a few times first, as they can be quite stiff and rub a bit on a hot long run.
  2. Great stuff Cat Lady, I'm sure you'll do well, you sound very prepared. I have deferred my Arc of Attrition 50 miler to 2022, basically because with more restrictions coming they can't provide (or at least guarantee) that they will have access to to village halls for aid stations. This means supplying your own crew and heating any water/food from the back of the crew car. First problem for me is I wouldn't have a crew and if I did, asking them to do that in Cornwall in winter would too much expectation.
  3. Long easy easy run. I put in a couple of half hearted MP kms but my head wasn’t in it. The terrible weather meant 3 or 4 stops for coat on/off because I had a loaded vest on. This destroyed my rhythm, so I concentrated on ‘getting it done’ 29km, 139 mtrs, 2:49:14 at 5.50 pace
  4. i miss outdoor pools. (when I remember to swim 😉 )
  5. Nothing planed for today, I have a few hours off this afternoon, so need to reclaim the garden and yard from the falling leaves. Then I'm watch 1917 on Amazon. 29km run planned for tomorrow and the weather forecast is on the biblical side of wet.
  6. It's not a trail marathon, it's a road one (Eton Dorney). gonna break out the Next%. People say they're expensive but I only use them for road races, which means they should last about 27 years. 😁
  7. Managed to slam in a runchtime. 6km, bang on 30.00 at 5.00 pace.
  8. FatPom

    Work stands.

    Check out Elite also, they seem to do some pretty cost effective stands.
  9. Seems to be ok thanks mate. Friday's long run I could feel it a bit but seemed manageable as long as I kept the pace. Hopefully another week of easy stuff will see it good.
  10. Very easy 10km with my family friend, 1:00:33 but I sped ahead on the last km and put in a 4.37
  11. FatPom

    Work stands.

    Park Tool PRS 21. Clamps the fork, works great. There is a new version now that takes disc or rim without an adapter.
  12. If you don’t count surfing and playing in the sea, that’s further than I’ve swam all year!
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