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  1. Also don't recommend doing on a TT bike IRL and a TT bike in Zwift. Also don't advise losing your sh1t when you get lapped on the same course by a bloody sprinter, even if it is Cav. 😉 Also don't recommend doing in June in a very hot garage and don't advise doing it in the same bibs. Ask me how I know. 🤣
  2. Had last week off, and managed 105kms of running/walking and 2,800mtrs of vert over 9days. Only 2.5hrs road ride though. Less than 9wks until SDW100. eek!
  3. The other issue, pulling the counter offer lever may also be viewed as a short term fix for the company. Sure, they might come to the party with more money but you could also find yourself at the top of the list when redundancies roll around.
  4. C’mon Andrew ya bloody slacker, I challenge you to finish rehab before anyone gets a refund from Ironman this year. GAME ON 👍
  5. Off out for a vert session now Goughy but will do when I get back.
  6. FatPom


    We've had a hiatus on stamp duty here (up to £500k) and there has been a feeding frenzy. It started in Oct and was meant to end March 31, so people were panicking because solicitors were flat out, surveys and searches were just taking ages, either due to demand or COVID. People couldn't even exchange in time, let alone complete, so they've extended again until end of June. In reality all it has really done is push up the price for everyone, as everyone is looking to get that money back once they move past £500k (which in the town I live buys you something pretty ordinary and not detached
  7. FatPom

    NZ Ironman

    Short course duathlon is where they really come into their own and that's what I use them for, apart from that, I agree with you.
  8. You keep throwing this out there but do you really think the majority of folks training are not acutely aware of the immense support they get from their partner? I would think that would be in a minority for sure. Nobody is that tone deaf, surely. (either that or they are divorced). Mrs FP and I talked extensively about who was doing what, how it would work etc before we had kids and TBH, because of all my surgeries, she's very happy to see me active again. But my situation isn't everyone's. We do lots as a family, hiking, riding, surfing and at the same time, we have engineered a
  9. Going ok thanks mate, in that what I'm experiencing is manageable but I keep getting the feeling that it wouldn't take a very heavy straw to break this camel's back right now both work and home. On the plus side, something happened between my disappointing meeting on Thurs with my director and Friday morning. A mail in my inbox was re-assuring me that things were being taken seriously, all options being looked at and a stress evaluation for me to fill out. I come from a private sector background where these things are usually hidden but in public it seems there is a bigger emphasis
  10. Sounds good Goughy, count me in.
  11. Show us your Barbie toes so we can decide if you're legit or not.
  12. I've done a 30wk plan twice but it was part of a plan that included other goals along the the way. (some open TTs, marathons and HIM). The first was due to coming back from another surgery and the second was because I wanted to improve on my previous IN Wales time. The problem with a plan that is so far out and only focussed on outcome is that it doesn't take much to derail it and without interim goals, it's easy to get despondent and view everything as a disaster. I like a plan that includes like long XC rides with your mates, run a long way to meet the family for lunch, chuck in
  13. FatPom


    It's not the UK strain you need to worry about so much, it is more contagious but not more severe. It's the South African strain that everyone is really worried about here.
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