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  1. Reads like it was translated from Mandarin, probably automatically. Challenge Taiwan is definitely not an m-dot race 😀
  2. steve

    Ironman California

    Was that the Golden State tri? The first couple of years, it was a pure downstream swim. Lots of fun!
  3. steve

    Ironman California

    The bike course map is up. Strictly speaking, it's not even in Sacramento. It's on the Yolo County side of the river – @Turts old home 😀. Looks like levee and farm roads. Flat as. No run or swim map yet, but if the swim exit is where it appears to be, it'll be a down river swim in the main channel of the Sacramento River. Too much current there for anything else. Could start in the American River I suppose – the confluence is just up river from the exit and there's a convenient park there. No need for a wetsuit. Just give everybody an inner tube.
  4. Depends on whether the tattoo artist paid the licensing fee.
  5. steve

    NZ Ironman

    Fast ride – your wheel is still smoking 😁
  6. Being out there longer beats you up more than being out there shorter. Going faster beats you up less than going slower over more or less the same time span, but not so much if you're trained for the faster speed. He's getting a double whammy from 17 hour days – more stress and damage to his body and less time to recover.
  7. Fins to the left! Fins to right! You're the only bait in town!
  8. I've been out of the USAT officials program for a couple of years, and they've changed the bike position rules for elites significantly – the stagger rule is gone. But it appears that under the rules as published, elites can still pass on either side. Judging from the race commentary, though, it appears that Challenge Miami applied for and received exceptions to the standard rules. In theory, WTC does the same thing in the US. (They've changed the age group passing rule, though: instead of strictly passing on the left, the rule now says that passes must not be "on the inside"). If, as Bel
  9. Wishing @IronmanFoz a smooth path to recovery. Just gutted thinking about it.
  10. A proper touring bike is much better. I've done quite a bit of heavy (camping) touring on a Bike Friday, and light (credit card) touring on a cross bike. Don't have a time trial bike – started all this before they were a thing, and never bought one. So my main racing bike is a pure road geometry Litespeed. Strapping a Thule rack on the seat stays gets me enough carrying capacity to get around after a race, but it's not particularly stable and the brakes, particularly, are on the edge of failure even with a light load. I did a month long trip through Europe with it – Challenge Championship
  11. Sometimes that's an option, but not always. Particularly if I'm on an extended trip with multiple races.
  12. I'm speccing out a road bike that will serve two opposing purposes: be light enough to use in an IM or half-IM distance race, and be rugged enough to bolt on a rack afterwards and do some light (10 - 12kg load) touring. I do that now with a 1998 vintage Litespeed Classic and a Thule strap-on Pack and Pedal rack, but I'm hoping to get better handling and durability while touring, and not give up significant IM performance (which isn't significant in my case anyway 🙂). So I'm looking at a frame with more stability – IMs aren't known for tight maneuvering, so I don't think that's a problem.
  13. I used to do the depletion/loading thing, but moved to just keeping it light the day before. Two evenings before, I'll eat more carbs than I usually do but not to the point of pigging out. As I used to do. Packing in a little extra glycogen is nice, but it's not going to matter much over a 13 to 16 hour day. It's more important to have your GI tract operating normally. Or at least not to start messing it up a day or two before the race.
  14. Sounds like something I oughta do. Maybe... Thanks!
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