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  1. The live stream should be good. Daytona is a major event on the NASCAR circuit and the track is completely plumbed for TV coverage. With a crew that knows what it's doing – any crew that works NASCAR will – this could be the best telecast of actual triathlon racing ever. The entire race happens inside what is, in effect, a giant TV studio. Even at Kona, camera coverage on the course is pitifully thin. The crew has to guess which athletes might be in contention or doing something interesting, and then find them. At Daytona, they can have cameras on everybody all the time. Just flip a switc
  2. Signed up for Challenge Wanaka and IMNZ, Wanaka because I registered the day after this year's race and IMNZ because I can roll it over to next year if I can't go, which seems more and more likely. If international travel opens up, I'll look at other races in Australia then. Otherwise, maybe Roth or IMWA 2021.
  3. steve

    Ironman California

    Sacramento is in the middle of the Central Valley, in the Delta region, which where the two rivers that run out of the Central Valley meet – San Joaquin river from the the south, Sacramento river from the north. It's about a two hour drive northeast from San Francisco. There's flat farm land to the north and south. The Delta is mostly reclaimed land, also farmed, that's protected by levees. Before the Gold Rush, it was a huge swamp. There are dead flat roads and some bike paths on top of the levees, but they could be putting the bike course anywhere. Except east, which takes you into the
  4. steve

    Ironman California

    I'm thinking about this one, but I'm waiting to see what the course looks like – no details have been posted yet. From what little has been said, the bike (and maybe the run) might be on levee roads, like Almere. That's too bad, because there is some great riding up into the hills east of town.
  5. The IM Florida bike course is way harder than Busso -- you have to climb a freeway overpass twice.
  6. That makes sense. I have a cross bike I use as a rain bike and for light touring. I put an adjustable stem on it to bring the bars up, and the twitchyness took a little getting used to. The flat underside of the top tube is nice for carrying on/off public transit, though. But clearly, my friend needs a new bike.
  7. Is there a difference between a cyclocross bike and a gravel bike? If one were to have a cross bike, one would still have a need to buy a gravel bike? Asking for friend.
  8. I registered for Taupo. Betting on travel opening up some way, some how.
  9. Most of these guys were Californians. Internationals (and Americans 🙂 ) didn't make their presence felt in the men's competition until the mid 1980s. In the 1960s/70s, swimming was the major participation sport for boys and men here. Baseball was elite past age 12 or 13. So was (American) football, and it wrecked knees in the bargain. Basketball was barely more than a playground sport, and track and field was mostly off season training. Relatively few kept it up past high school. Jogging was popular, but that wasn't running and it wasn't about distance – Bay to Breakers (~12km with
  10. To hear John Collins tell it, it wasn't in jest. It was in good spirits – it happened at his running club's end of season party – but it was a genuine debate and they were serious enough to do it. Based on the results of the early years, swimmers are the champs – Tom Warren, Dave Scott and Mark Allen. IIRC, Scott Tinley and Scott Molina came from swimming backgrounds too. Only one runner – Gordon Haller – and one cyclist – John Howard – won it.
  11. How (why?) do they limit it to North America and Europe?
  12. They'll keep the Kona qualifying system whether or not they call it a world championship – it generates a lot of cash for them and drives entries to their other races. People want to race it because it's Kona. The qualifying system began long before anyone thought to call it a world championship. If they moved the so called world champs to another location, though, that would create a whole new set of slots they could sell – like printing money.
  13. steve


    25 years in triathlon, and 15 years of running (on and off) and intending to do a tri before that. Early on, it turned into a lifestyle. I'd been thinking about giving up regular employment and becoming a self employed consultant for a while, and triathlon was the final push I needed to take the plunge. Then I could organise my week largely around riding, running, swimming and all the other stuff, and do it as often as possible with friends and clubmates. When I started out, I consistently did intervals and other intensity/speed training, and supplemental weights. For the past 10 or 15 y
  14. New course (and new venue) posted for Challenge Wanaka half: https://www.challenge-wanaka.com/events/challenge-wanaka-half/ Swim is more sheltered and less at the mercy of the wind. That's a plus. The run is different, mostly single track with significant climbing. Kinda reminds me of Wildflower – a good course for runners. I call that a plus too. But the bike. 5 out-and-backs on a 9km stretch of the current course. Yeah, there's nice scenery at a couple of points, but you don't get much of a chance to enjoy it. Definite minus. No comparison to the current course, and not even i
  15. https://www.zennioptical.com/ Cheap prescription glasses from China – as low as US$7.00. Adding tint is, I think, $3 extra. Sports glasses with inserts are under $30. I haven't had luck with their sports inserts – gave me a headache – but regular sunnies work fine for me. YMMV – cheap enough to try anyway. I also bought $7 regular glasses just to have with me when I go on long rides in the winter. That was after a series of flats kept me out past dark.
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