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  1. She tested positive, which imo opinion does not confirm to me she's a drug cheat. Drug cheats go on regimes. And they get advice on how to test clean on race day. The spiked bottles...nah, dismiss that. Often cited, yet to be proven. She was advised to take a substance and her advisor thought it would clear from her system. But someone knew that and dobbed her in. She normally wouldn't get tested, unless randomly chosen or on the podium. Hundreds of other athletes might have been in the same boat. She made a mistake and she got caught. She was thinking as more time elapsed the B Sa
  2. I have children, 46, 30, 27, 19, 18. Don't always get the feedback I want, but the older ones have degrees, 2 with Masters, one still completing her Masters and 2 studying. I have kids 4 and 2 with Gina, after 6 years relationship and been married 4 years. It is extremely challenging, but that the way it is. Within 2016 Caitlin got a nasty gash near the eye. Devastating to see, but she said "Don't worry (Mummy), I'll get better soon".....which she did, and the scar faded or turned to her natural brown colour. Then Kyle came home recently with abrasions on the nose and lip. I asked him
  3. Are we still on? Monday. I was a shade over 80 kg in bike clothes. Up 2kg and learned once again, exercise, even extreme exercise is not enough. But how you control that is another issue. Whatever you do, only works when you take it seriously, which I did not.
  4. Your a big guy 100 kg plus, is that right? The components of a cheap bike break very easily. As I learned. But a good MTB is one hell of a good investment. I reckon a used bike with some quality original components is better than a cheapie....maybe $1000 or under? It shouldn't matter what brand.
  5. Probably been on the edge of life for sometime. Very early musical breakthrough with Wham, and I could say 2 of those songs could get me up moving today. Called a musical genius but I never got into his later work.
  6. Clearly revenge. Something which is very common here in the Philippines. Scratching new cars is all time favorite. Jealousy also being a motive.
  7. I know I have posted this before, but I never got round to booking anything. So 5th of April departure, 6th April arriving. By Air New Gini via Port Moresby. Quickest and cheapest with a 3 hour stopover in at Moresby. I'm booked at Tropical Days Inn x 18 nights and will play it by ear after that. I will be staying and will look for longer term accommodation, maybe house sharing, maybe a small flat, but later. I'm bringing a bike and hope to be active in the MTB scene. Never been there, but researched it thoroughly. There is pro and con, but the overall lower cost of living clin
  8. My A race was 3 weeks ago. Double tubeless failure after conversion, so DNF and no report. Yesterday's race, 25 km, one section unrideable. There's a steep embankment down to a creek and back up. And a wooden plank bridge with no siderails. The rest is hilly with a lot of loose stones. I'm riding Category 46 and over and 12 entrants. Quite a lot of junior riders, about 150 entries overall. Staggered start and our group is off in the middle. Open riders at the back. There's a car leading out so the group stays together. More riders than I expected, must be another category mixed
  9. No reliable scale available. Best judgement I am 80 kg, started 78 kg. I'm not hopeful but there is a MTB race on 24th. Getting to 79 kg would be ok.
  10. Started 78. Have stayed above 78 since, ranging up to 80. 78.5 about 11 days ago on my last weigh in. We had a 4 day trip, me and Gina. No exercise only walking and fairly good eating. Almost no chance to get back to 78 before 1 Jan, Monday will know more.
  11. Kamal2

    John Glenn

    Been there twice I think. Saw the Wright Brothers Flyer, original plane and other amazing stuff. I visited long ago, I don't recall the Space Wing or whatever was open then, it might have been under construction. My son, a side note here, graduated from John Glenn High School in Michigan, USA.
  12. I have a breakthrough to 78.6 with some light clothing on. Racing on Sunday I should easily hold that.
  13. I tried to 31's again and I can get into them. But I can't tolertate that snug fit. Depends also on the brand, the better brands tend to have a better fit. Still on 79.5. It will take a big push but maybe after my MTB race Sunday might shift 1-2 kg.
  14. Thanks everyone. We do look for more participation on Ten Q's, which we got here. I have computer and connectivity issues until around 12 December. Will be back then.
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