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  1. James me boy ask yourself this question , "how come you have never heard one other NRL club or one other NRL player" criticise or call gallen or the cronulla players a drug cheat ? The only person I've heard say anything half derogatory was fittler and that means F**k all to anyone who knows anything about league
  2. Do the words "unknowingly and unwittingly " mean anything to you nobs ? No ? well read the ASADA report because that's what the investigation found. Unlike Johns , Unlike Sailor Unlike O'davis unlike Earl et al "unknowingly and unwittingly" They pleaded guilty to end the process , there is others that should be banned for life but not the players
  3. Are you serious Roxii ? It was no stunt - Labor proposed the changes to fringe benfit tax which effectively spelt the end for Salary Packaging/Leasing companies , thankfully Abbot overturned Labors policy. No one has been sent offshore and yes all the staff were remployed
  4. Dave Warner is a classic example of an ego running wild - guy is a deadset dropkick - Goose of the highest order , but I agree he woudlnt have known about Trotts depression I dont think or at least hope not. As for the media now blaming Anderson for starting the flare up - you dont think Bailey said something to him first ?? Lets hear that , noone walks out and threatens violence straight off . Sorry cant stand this Australian cricket team - egos out of control - more focussed on body ink and haircuts and girlfriends than cricket , hope the poms smash them next test to see them crawl back
  5. Don't b lame him for not walking at all , Australians never do . Also if we want batsmen to walk are we going to expect bowlers to recall batsmen given out lbw from a clear inside edge ? And Tyno is right if Siddle didn't waste that review on an lbw that was 2 foot outside leg we'd have been right
  6. The way he carries on here I sincerely doubt he has
  7. I'll never understand the need to post this kind of stuff here or anywhere else for that matter. Everyone on here has different bodily needs Anyone on here can research quietly themselves on the web. Ask your friends on your rides FFS I'll never understand the need to post this kind of stuff here or anywhere else for that matter.
  8. I think its a bit obvious that the quality of this opposition is slightly higher than what we played over summer Like Magnussen I think our ego got a little carried away , and it has now been brought back down to earth witha thud
  9. ego is/was totally out of control sick of his silly little smirk he always has
  10. Hey Nealo - sorry to pressure you mate but is "a number of weeks" up or getting closer ?
  11. Comments like these are just plain F*ken stupid you think you're funny -I think you're an F*Wit
  12. Will he be right ? dont look good
  13. That is one of the funniest websites I have ever read - pee'd myself reading those reviews Where's Gunther - tailor made for his contribution
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