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  1. We're taking a break from Trump for a bit. Here's an article from The Guardian I hope this satisfies Barry and the customer. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/aug/13/jeremy-corbyn-labour-leadership-foreign-policy-antisemitism
  2. So along with deflection, swearing, insulting you now add a false assertion. Credible primary source? I ask again that you (or the customer) explain Corbyn's relationship with Eisen over many years that only stopped about a year before he became leader. So to make it easy here's some choices a) Eisen is NOT a holocaust denier b) Eisen IS a holocaust denier but Corbyn doesn't know him c) Eisen IS a holocaust denier but Corbyn only realised this in 2014 and then cut ties with him (this is Corbyn's own defence) d) The allegation is false because....
  3. I don't waste my money buying Coke anymore. I just kiss someone who's been drinking it 😋
  4. So still no actual argument or defence just deflection and insults.
  5. That's it? So far your only defence is that the Sun is a shit newspaper therefore Corbyn is not an anti semite. What else ya got?
  6. Source credibility? Forget The Sun there are multiple allegations made by multiple people from multiple organisations. Let's just take one allegation for example. His long running support of known Holocaust denier Paul Eisen. Corbyn claims he didn't know Eisen was an anti semite and cut off ties when he found out. Look at the timeline of events and convince me that Corbyn really didn't know.
  7. So no rebuttal to the accusations then?
  8. These are some of the allegations. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10487187/labour-staff-give-evidence-anti-semitism/
  9. In Vietnam you can buy a balloon full of happy gas right on the street or in some clubs. So I'm told.
  10. A2K

    Wurf watch

    Anyone else look up "canalising" to see what it means?
  11. Thanks...except I'm in Brisbane 😋 So if I google enamellers in Brisbane I'll be on the right track?
  12. So who does the paint job? Last time I asked about painting my old Canonfail TT bike they said it could be nearly a grand. Then someone else suggested trying a place that paints cars but I haven't researched that yet.
  13. If you're going overseas I recommend Apo Island in the Philippines
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