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  1. Thanks for sharing your race with us. Good race report. Well done.
  2. Thanks to all who took part, it looked like a tough day out there. l was a spectator this time around and after six years since my last Tri you have expired me to sign up for next year.
  3. Mark Welsh

    IMWA - I'm in

    Hi Chris, I have turned into a fat bastard and so I wont be there but my time is up on the boared for you to go for. Hope to get up there for the day and give you some support along with all the other trannies.
  4. Tartytits and myself are doing Alpe d'Huez in September. May see you up there Peter.
  5. On the beach, west side of jetty.
  6. Happy birthday Pam, hope you have a good one luv Del and Mark. Well just Mark realy, Dels out on the piss tonight, four weeks out from IM she will never learn, or maybe she is celerbrating your birthday.
  7. Mark Welsh

    Good Luck Jaxon

    Good luck mate, Iwill be looking out for you up there and don't worry about the bities they are all on vacation in Esperance at the moment. Shark boats are killing the pig down here.
  8. Every day living you should get all you need from a healthy diet. Training for IM you are pushing your body way beyond what is normal and a healthy diet is just not enough. My 2 cents worth and my second time on trannies this month, must be on a role. I need to put a little more efort in.
  9. There are some good brands of supplements out there all a bit pricie though, I have been useing USANA for about 9 years but only during my 16 week training block for an IM. Wish I could aford to use it all the time. At $100 per month it is a little bit out of reach. Most the other cheaper brands ( the stuff you get in woolies or your local chemist) are a total waste of money and do nothing for you. Seems to be if you want the good stuff you will have to just part with the dollars.
  10. Happy christmas and I hope you have a good one over there. Will have to do the same one day, very jealours of you. Del and I are heading over in July for the UKIM at BOLTON , sounds very romantic a'h. Well it does not seem to have the same ring to it as Kona or Lanzarote.
  11. Hi Mrs Chat. They are still singing in the vallys tonight. Its been a long long time coming, I just can't remember the last time we beat the Aussies. They did have it coming, after there dismal win over the French where they looked very much out of touch. I have been wearing my Welsh rugby shirt all day and will most likely still have it on at the IM next week, will have to take it off for the swim.
  12. Hi Hymie, This is Del here, Mark's better half. I have just read the thread. Actually, I had to come out to see what Mark was p@##ing his pants about!! I have to admit that Mark has never forgotten any of my birthdays (usually adds a couple of years though!) or our anniversaries. However, that is all I have to say in his defence as I usually get jack sh#t from him...oh, no, hang on...one year he gave me a lawnmower and when I dared to complain, he told me that it was a self-propelling one, so I should be bloody grateful. So, don't feel too bad and I know that you will come up with a r
  13. I am so so sorry Hymie I have no advice what so ever for you, as I would never ever forget my darling wifes anniversary But Stacey make sure you make him suffer for this one and milk it right through to the new year and play your cards right and you will have the best christmas presant ever.
  14. Race # 443 Swim 60' Bike lap 1, 105' lap 2, 105' lap 3, 105' Run lap 1, 75' lap 2, 75' lap 3, 75' Total 10.00 hrs Easy as that, don't even need to run at 5' pace. PB is 10.21 Need perfect weather and I will give that 10.21 a good go, if not I will be happy just to finish in front of Diamonds, as there is a sheep station at stake hear.
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