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  1. Ayto

    NZ Ironman

    Yeah, the long weekend isn't ideal, but we wanted to partner with the Tri Club who are holding their Aquathlon, which Tri Vic have set as the State Championships (and a WC qualifier) and their date wasn't flexible. The biggest learning for us has been around the challenges in dealing with local government. I have been running events now for a very long time and I have to say that this has been, by far, the worst experience of them all
  2. Ayto

    NZ Ironman

    Hasn't happened yet mate. Scheduled for this coming weekend (the long weekend). Numbers are so low - I think people are scared to commit as they so unsure about snap lockdowns etc. We have been taking so many calls and messages from participants asking if the event is "still on"!! We are 3 days out and people still don't want to commit because they have been done over so many times. Hopefully we get to a break even position!
  3. Here's one that will rock your world then Roxii. Chocolate Teddy Bear biscuits are just normal Teddy Bear biscuits.............covered in chocolate!!!! 😁
  4. Ayto

    NZ Ironman

    My one and only attempt at a full ironman was IMNZ 2012. Got the medal - does that count? Feel for everyone. It crap to do all the work and get this close!!
  5. You are doing a great job Gents and we thank you for it
  6. I am going really well MissJess, thanks for asking. I struggled towards the end of the big lockdown last year. Not with the lockdown itself or the restrictions that caused in seeing friends or family or anything, but simply in keeping motivated (workwise). I was finding I was just wasting days. Literally not doing any work........but heaps of youtubing!! Once lockdown ended I got my mojo back and work is full on and I'm enjoying it. Also working a second job driving hooklift trucks so that means I'm not sitting around on weekends getting bored. I think for me though, the bi
  7. Bump. With the recent news of the passing of Hiltz, I think it timely to check in. I hope everyone is travelling ok
  8. I have been very fortunate to be given an opportunity to build some skills and drive a hooklift nights/ weekends. Totally different from my day job so enjoying the change up. Best thing though is that every dollar earned is going straight to our travel savings for when we take off full time!
  9. Ayto

    TV Shows

    My favourite new saying is "Frog Jockey" from this series hahahaha
  10. Opened the wrapping, so calories have disbursed now Bored@. Go hard!!
  11. This is the highlight of my year so far!! "Exotic's legal team were fighting for his release, hoping Donald Trump would issue a pardon for him on his last day as the US president. They were so confident Exotic would be pardoned today, his legal team reportedly even had a stretch limo waiting to pick him up from the prison".
  12. Ayto

    TV Shows

    The Spy on Netflix. Sacha Baren Cohen in a serious role is very good. Based on a true story
  13. Ayto

    TV Shows

    The history of swear words on Netflix. Goes without saying - NSFW!!
  14. Rog has nailed it for you Skel. Have a chat with a good conveyancer / solicitor and they will help guide you (they are working for not, unlike the R/E Agent). A someone who worked in the finance industry for over 25 years I always told my clients to make any offer "subject to finance" as it provides you with an out if need be. As for the "best price" crap detailed above - make an offer with what YOU are comfortable with but have in mind what your maximum is and be prepared to walk away in need. Always other opportunities.
  15. I feel like I have had poor sleep levels most of my adult life between work, family, hobbies, restless legs and more work. At best I would average between 4.5 and 5.5 hours a night. Even when I am off work I still tend to go to bed late and wake early. I currently work full time Mon-Fri (50hrs per week) and have just started driving hook lift trucks on the weekends. At the moment only doing 4/5 hours Saturdays and Sundays but once the fruit processing season kicks into full swing the shifts will be 4am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday, so will be interesting to see how I go with the 7 day work
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