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  1. Great news Goughy. Glad to see a little ray of sunshine poking through the clouds up your way. I got a half decent tax return this year and decided I was finally going to book in and get my truck licence. Have driven all kinds of vehicles growing up on the farm but never bothered to actually get my ticket. It's been a very long time since I'd driven a non-synchro box, so took a bit to get back into the swing of it. Long story short, achieved my HR licence yesterday and now need to hold that for 12 months before I can go back and get my MC licence to enable me to drive b-doubles and the
  2. Ayto

    TV Shows

    The Queens Gambit on Netflix is pretty good
  3. Yep, ran a 12-30 on Ultegra 10 speed on my roadie for a few events. No issues
  4. Ayto


    A fully paid up, card carrying Misanthrope here...........and proud of it!!
  5. Ayto


    Unbroken on Netflix. Based on a true story. Highly recommend.
  6. To let shit go. Both literally and figuratively. We don't need as much shit as we thought we did, and we certainly don't need to hold onto (mentally) anywhere near as much shit as we do......well, I do/did.
  7. Have just purchased a new gravel bike and would have loved to go with Canyon but I struggle with shelling out bulk coin for something I can see and touch in the flesh prior. On paper they look excellent value but as above!
  8. Ayto

    New Logo etc

    My Visor hasn't arrived. Who do I need to talk to???? 😁
  9. Yeah, thats it Roxii, I really only do the annual Charity ride on the road these days. Most of my training was done on windtrainer, and I had to sell it and my MTB when we moved into the van. I think this will give me the best of everything, and as a bonus, can be loaded up and used to do some bikepacking, which I am keen to get into.
  10. Hahaha, yep, good pick up. That will teach me to cut and paste from FB Marketplace. Looking for $1500 ono. No idea if I'm dreaming or not, but it seems reasonable for the package (I'm hoping).
  11. Waiting on this to arrive. Supposed to land on or around the 12th and then a few days to be built up. Unfortunately don't have room for N+1 hence the roadie listing in TriTrade. This ticks a lot of boxes for whilst we are living in our van and travelling full time as I won't get precious about it getting knocked about. Stock 38mm tyres. Will accept 650b rims if I want to get into the real rough stuff, or just as easily accept some nice 28mm carbon rims for the road. Excited now............but someone please buy my roadie or my wife will have a fit!!
  12. Selling my 2010 EMC2 Equip team edition, 10 speed, carbon frame Size is Medium. I am 178cm and fits me perfectly, although I have put a shorter stem on it due to an old shoulder injury. Despite its age it would genuinely have approx. 10k kilometres on it or less, as I did most of my riding on my tri bike, then I just got lazy and fat. Only selling as N+1 can't apply as I live full time on the road in my van and can't fit more than 1 bike. - Selling with zipp 60 clinchers as pictured (less than 1000km since new). - Maxxis refuse 25mm tyres have less than 500km on them. (1
  13. Nope ropes. This little bastard scared the bejeezus outta me today
  14. I have mulled for a while as to whether this needs to be posted here or the Good news thread, as its kinda a mix of both but reading the last page or so regarding friendships has resonated a little. Long story short - have had lots of issues with pain in my right leg for a long time, ie over a decade. I can remember spending multiple sessions down at Olympic Park Medical Centre trying to get to the bottom of it and MRI's and the like. They tried to tell me it was compartment syndrome but even I knew (with the help of Dr Google) that wasn't it. Fast forward since 2009 and I have been
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