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  1. Yeah, I know its only a deterrent at best, but its better than someone just being able to take it off with an Allen key! The link is super helpful mate. I reckon something like that will work with a little cable lock around the roof rack Ta.
  2. Yeah, couple of different issues trying to resolve Roxii. The first (and minor) issue is not getting caught short without an Allen key, so the option you posted above could easily resolve. The main issue, is that I have Rhino Racks (wheel off) on my ute suitable for QR. I have an adapter to be able to mount the Norco with the thru axles, but it is not lockable, as the axle could simply be removed and bike taken. Ideally was looking to change to QR for a) the convenience and b) the security
  3. Wondering if anyone has converted their thru axles to QR? I have a Norco Search - https://www.norco.com/bikes/2021/road/gravel/search-xr-aluminum/search-xr-a1/ Currently needs to be removed / installed with an Allen Key. I believe there is options to switch this to a lever style such as this: Linky, but not sure it can go to full QR? Specs listed below for reference Cheers Ayto
  4. Ayto


    Had an older couple (early 60's) hitch up their van and leave the CP we are staying in this morning. Left from NE Vic and making their way to Kununurra. I asked them last night how they had gone with finding up to date info about travel restrictions and border passes and quarantining requirements etc, especially in the wake of the couple who are all over the news after their road trip to QLD. The response - "nah mate, haven't bothered to check. We've had this trip planned for months so that's what we are doing". And this is why lockdowns and border closures and the like will con
  5. Ayto

    Back on-line

    Great stuff to everyone involved in working hard to keep the forum going. Massive thanks to the family during what is a tough time.
  6. Ayto


    I have lost count of how many times we have had to "pivot" since COVID came along. The only Pivot I am aware of is the fertiliser I used to put down when sowing wheat!!
  7. Ayto


    There is a theme happening here.........
  8. Ayto


    Remind me never to get on the bad side of Roxii..............😖
  9. Ayto

    Thanks Dave

    Yeah, Echoing Flanman's words...........ummmm, word. Legend!!
  10. Careful mate, next you'll start chirping away like R2D2!
  11. My wife is Dutch.........I have no hope of ever being right!!! I feel your pain Goughy.
  12. You're wrong!! Doesn't matter which side of the fence you sit on Goughy............just accept that you are wrong and move on!!
  13. We have a TM6, approx 18 months / 2 years old. Its gets a flogging and gets used multiple times a day. When we moved into the van fulltime 12 months ago its the only appliance we brought with us. Currently installing an inverter so we can use it when we are off grid (blending etc only, not cooking as it will chew too much juice). Highly recommend.
  14. Ayto

    Ultraman Oz 2021

    Love the number plate!!
  15. Bugger Foz, hopefully they can get on top of it for you shortly and you can get back to rehabbing like a MF!!
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